2013 May 6: Archiving Noxolo Nogwaza’s funeral

… this documentary was produced in 2011 when we buried Noxolo Nogwaza in KwaThema, Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg.
She was a 24 year old mother of two children who were then orphaned by hate crime related incident.

It is in different languages: Xhosa,  English and Zulu. Featuring amongst others Lungile DladlaFuneka SoldaatLerato Dumse; FEW members; Bontle Khalo, Victor Mukasa …

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2013 April 24: Noxolo Nogwaza’s fading memory
by Lerato Dumse

Read full transcript below, transcribed and translated by Zethu Matebeni.

Translation and Transcription for Ndibonile, 11:47

Time code Person descriptor Text
02:33-02:55 Preacher, an
old man with white hair
(man is praying)
We are disappearing because of crime and violence. We are disappearing because of jealousy.
We will be non-existent because of battering. Where are you Lord?
Where are you now?
Make yourself visible in this time. Reveal yourself Lord.
We ask this of you knowing that you will do it for us in Jesus Christ’s name.
03:08 – 04:50 Funeka Soldaat Amandla! Ngawethu!
(Power! To the People!)
I’m not feeling great.
My spirit is down because of this.
There are three messages I want to leave today.
First of all, one is to the priest inside here. It would have been great if he had talked about the fact that Noxolo was murdered because she is a lesbian.This should come out of his mouth.
One of the problems why we end up here is because of the way they translate the scriptures. But what we know for sure, as we stand here, God loves us.
This would have been great if it came out of the priest.
Secondly, if the lesbians who are here will note – we do not reach the age of 30.
We die before we are this age.
No one else will stop these things happening to us. It’s all up to us to end this. The people we expect to speak on our behalf will never speak for us.
Everyone will be going to the voting polls very soon, but please check next to you if the person you are going to vote for is here around us today.Check if their t-shirt is visible amongst us right now. Since the news of Noxolo’s death came out in the radio, not even a single word came from our government or a political party speaking out against this violation. Until this government stops denying what is happening to us here in South Africa, we will continue being victims.Therefore, you must think carefully about how you make your decisions.
Thirdly, the lesbians who are here, take caution and make sure that you are not the next victim tonight.
Amandla! Ngawethu
(Power! To the People!)
04:51 – 05:13 Xolile Dzanibe
Man in a yellow tshirt
Priests say nothing to their congregation about homosexuality.
They hate it! But you are the members of those churches.
We, as gay people try to make things right, but you are resisting.
We try to make you happy and make you laugh, but behind our backs you kill us!
05:23 – 05:48 Man in grey jacket and beard holding white paper I wouldn’t love for anyone else to leave this world this way.
If you remember Eudy also left us this way, but people are still doing things like this.
It’s just unfortunate.
However, as I’ve said, as a family we have accepted what has happened.
We do hope and trust that the police will do what is right.
05:49 – 06:00 Xolile Dzanibe We’re not going anywhere, we’re seating right here.
Parents don’t teach their children the right things.
They’d rather hear children say that homosexuals are not good.
06:01 -06:09 Female person with dreads
Rev. Tebogo
(preaching) As god is my witness, on that day my blood did spill
06:34 – 06:59 Man in grey jacket and beard holding white paper Some of us who understand these things would not blame the events on the current government.
But, we would urge this government to find the criminals. We hope and trust that the police will do their job.
This however, would not bring Noxolo back.
07:33 – 07:40 Person with pink and yellow pullover It seems as if KwaThema is becoming a haven for the killings of lesbians.
Not one year passes without a lesbian murdered.
08:12 – 08:45 Preacher praying Make the sun must not set, the moon not go down before the perpetrators of this violence are found.
Only you can help us.
Without you helping us good Lord, we will be nothing.
We will disappear.
As we go on with Noxolo’s funeral, we ask for your forgiveness.
It’s been said that we must forgive those who have wronged us for they know not what they do.
10:46 – 11:45 Voice reading obituary I was born in Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape to Koliswa Nogwaza.
My primary education was at Khwezi Lesizwe and I finished high school at Thlakula Secondary School.
I was blessed with two children, Sipho and Lindiwe.
Death took me by surprise on 24 April 2011.
I leave behind my children, my mother, my grandmother, uncles, aunts and friends.
Rest in peace MamJoli, maBhengu, Thanana, Goqolo, Funeka.
Rest in peace.
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