2013 May 27: Hand me a job…

by Siyasanga Joyi

Hand me a job.
Yes you handed me a job that paid me ‘peanuts’ so I could ‘butter’ my bread on both sides.
Peanuts converted to high-pitched notes as you played me like a melody on your guitar with no-strings-attached.
Strings with which you keep twisting fate whilst effortlessly luring me in as I helplessly try and drag my queen from these card games you keep playing with my mind. So mind me for poking face at you, because I have become a silly schoolgirl falling uniformly deep into the abyss of your scenic brown eyes that seem to swallow and consume me whole because I am your pupil and you are my teacher
…my professor
…my prompter.
You keep tugging, twisting, pulling at these strings, you keep pulling my strings and stringing me along the path towards your hand whilst you rap me by this thread with which I hang around your finger, closer and closer I get because last time I checked Newton’s Law of Attraction had nothing to do with the Chemistry between us.

Yes you handed me a good job, because to you I opened up, for you I opened wide and spread the word that we have spread the love. If you are the puppet-master then go ahead and make me your Pinocchio because my nose knows no lies, hence truth be told I lie here helplessly inhibited by your binding spell.
You handed me a job.
You handed me a rightful job.
A rightful job from the wise right handed man who knows no wrong, the wrongfully judged right-handed man left with nothing but pain and dismay.
Pain and dismay resembling a broken window pane left with but memories of the left hand of a broken man.

The left hand that writes wrongfully to right its wrongs. The left hand that handed me a rightful job.

So yes…you handed me a job.
You handed me a job that paid me peanuts so I could butter my bread on both sides. And in return all I could pay you…

…was a compliment!

About the author

– Student at Boston Media House where I am currently completing a National  Diploma in Journalism.
– A writer/journalist who’s open-minded and passionate about life.
– Ambitious, fun-loving, optimistic, open-hearted, perfectionist.
– Love laughing, food and dogs
🙂 *lol*

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4 Responses to 2013 May 27: Hand me a job…

  1. Kopano says:

    Beautiful piece Siya….. I love just how emotive, descriptive and how you mixed science and fairy tales. I repeat beautiful piece!

  2. Motebang says:

    I love what I’m seeing in here.

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