2013 July 23: I shot the innocent cows

2013 July 23:  I shot the innocent cows

Am still trying to find the truths of what cows means to all of us, as consumers…

Please share your thoughts and  help with captions wherever possible.


inkunzi emnyama_9482
izinkomo ngaphansi kwesihlahla_9526
izinkunzi phansi_9486
amanzi ezinkomo_9517

inkabi emhlophe_9446
ishoba lenkomo_9490

lonely cow_9464

inkabi inuka enye1_9455

izimpondo zenkomo_9554
photos by Zanele Muholi (2013.07.22)
Location: Colenso, KwaZulu Natal

Cameras used:  Canon 6D and 60D.


Other artists who have cows or use cowhide in their works.

Daniel Naude

Nandipha Mntambo

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4 Responses to 2013 July 23: I shot the innocent cows

  1. Ramazan Ngobese says:

    Inkunzi yenkomo ile engizoyithenga bt lezi ngiyazisaba ngathi ziyalumana

  2. Lady Thorns says:

    I was taught my ancestors leave in the family cows so what elders told me is, when they needed something they talked to the cow/bull.

    What they mean to me? Ilobola nje. Akukho okunye… Oh and meat as well yeah.

  3. clear peaceful mind says:

    Beautiful pics. The cows look majestic!

    Economies of cows… For many Africans, they represent wealth. “Modimo wa nko e metsi” that’s what the Batswana people traditionally refer to cows as. Reason being that they are life giving and essential for their survival. They use cows for Lobola, farming, milk to feed their kids, they are slaughterd for traditional ceremonies, the hide was used for covering a deceased person body for burial, hence a cow is still slaughterd for funeral purposes….
    The hide was also used to make clothes ie makgabe, seope, diraampatshane etc. It was also used to make lekuka-a bag used to turn fresh milk into sour milk

    *Im Pescoterian and lactose intolerant. As a child, I endured eating beef on a sunday and pap with sour milk during the week*

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