2013 July 26: I met my love at a lesbian funeral

2013 July 26:   I met my love at a lesbian funeral

…being consoled by my butch lover’s friend made so much sense. even the tears i shed over two weeks before her burial disappeared in a moment.
friends and family members were bitching about how quick i moved on or lent on another broad and strong should. if only they understand that my lesbian man cheated on me for years.
the bastard was even with her when she met her brutal death.
i feel sorry for my love but baby i have to move on.

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13 Responses to 2013 July 26: I met my love at a lesbian funeral

  1. Ramazan Ngobese says:

    Kwanzima bakithi uthando lwenza izimanga alikhethi ukuthi luzivezaphi

  2. Karivone says:

    This we do

  3. hlengs guitar says:

    Love is love people will always be talking,,, just follow your heart

  4. Fikile Ntanzi says:

    he!he!he! hayikhona

  5. Danisile says:

    Uthando aluzikhukhumezi, lusibekela konke okubi….

  6. Doc says:

    There is nothing wrong with moving on… I also met my partner emgcwabeni wesithandwa sakhe. As long as you will understand each other and take things slowly. It’s been 9 yrs nw and we’ve never broken up instead our love is growing everyday.

  7. dudu says:

    it doesnt matter.who says u must meet ur partner in church,,,,follow ur heart.im happy for u

  8. Thulisile says:

    Wow short but deep

  9. Mpho says:

    My lesbian man cheated on me for year, what does this mean?

  10. bongie says:

    Mpho No gal its mis text she is trying 2 say fr yrs

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