2013 July 28: Yesterday

Yesterday I met someone.

He was a perfect image wrapped around in sex appeal
oozing from his dreadlocked hair follicles down to the sole of his shoe

I caught him with my smile and
he, in turn caught me with his conversation and
undressed me bit by bit throughout the night…
up until I was left with nothing but to surrender myself to his charm

I met a man who caught my heart when I couldn’t find it.
I allowed his majestic brawn,
flattery and endearments to occupy a space
that had seemed all so vacant for far too long.

Yesterday seemed too perfect as he showed me the stars
and lifted me up so I could be able to reach.
His warm embrace took me to a point of no return,
and indeed I chose not to,
as every moment seemed so precious and perfectly timeless.

He smiles.
His eyes.
The smell of his soft, freshly minted breath down my neck
as he so softly caresses my nipples oh so tender, loving joy…
he brought life to my soul

Looking up at the sky
I knew that I had found what had seemed so unrealistic in my dreams,
a forever after when it was least expected but mattered the most.
The only way I could keep it alive and
eternal was to leave it all in yesterday,
where memories will forever remain as perfect and
sentimental as the day they were born.

Yesterday I found the perfect man…
and that is where I last saw him.

© Abongile Matyila

About the author

Abongile Matyila is a 21 yr old man, student- activist.
He was born and bred in Mdantsane in the Eastern Cape.
He is doing a Bachelor of Arts (BA degree) at the University of Fort Hare in East London, majoring in sociology and hoping to do more research in the field of sexuality.
Also the Provincial Organiser of the Eastern Cape LGBTI organisation.

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6 Responses to 2013 July 28: Yesterday

  1. clear peaceful mind says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  2. sebenzile nkosi says:

    What a beautifu Abongile,I love your writting so amazing

  3. Jeremiah Sepotokele says:

    AMazing work Abongile!!!

  4. maThulis says:

    beautiful Abongile!

  5. Collen Mfazwe says:

    Ubhalile uAbongile very nice and sexy.

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