2013 July 30: Amsterdam Photo of the Day

2013 July 30:  Amsterdam Photo of the Day

What:  Photoshoot
Location: Yselstraat 26 -28

Shooting behind the scenes for ‘Wanted for Love’ campaign and photographed by Erwin Olaf in his studio. He is one of the most famous photographer Europe.


Thanks to Hivos and Human Rights Watch (HRW) for inviting these individuals who’ll be presenting their work during the Amsterdam Pride Week.

Featured in this photo are:
L-R: Anthony (Kenya); Muholi (South Africa) Lame (Botswana) and Adrian (Uganda).

Photo by Themba Vilakazi (30.07.2013)
Camera used: iPhone 4 and retouched with Instagram.

Expect more from our Amsterdam diary leading to the biggest 2013 Amsterdam Pride.

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