2013 Aug. 5: Amsterdam Pride photos

2013 Aug. 5:  Amsterdam Pride photos

photo from Wanted for Love campaign by Hivos…

float 52_2461

aids awareness_2447

google float_2456
pink wigs_2346
pride goers_2485
pride in white_2331
pride queen_2330
purple boat_2438
rainbow queen_2374
sin float_2441
wanted for love in green_2356 
zo gay member_2416
zo gay team_2415
wanted in blue_2360
anthony & friend_2494
handsome guys_2535
dance baby_2524
hivos hrw float_2540
spectators_2528Photos by Bongi Thekwane Mpisholo (3rd Aug. 2013).

About 200 000 individuals flocked in the streets and canals of Amsterdam to celebrate this year’s Pride.
The parade took place on Sat. 3rd Aug. 2013.
There were different floats numbered from various organisations and clubs who came to mark their presence at this remarkable event.
This took place after a week long of Pride activities in which African activists participated in a special event hosted by Hivos and Human Rights Watch.
Inkanyiso members were there also to present and to document variety.

Check this space for me photos and articles from Amsterdam.

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3 Responses to 2013 Aug. 5: Amsterdam Pride photos

  1. mahlatse sweeto says:

    big up big to u thekwane i wish da other african countriez can salute nd accept da culture of lgbtiaq tjovo nxt tym dnt lv me behind

  2. Sponono says:

    Nice pics, hope you had a good time my rainbow peeps!

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