2013 Aug. 10: @ Antwerp Pride in 2013

2013 August 10:   Antwerp Pride


Photos by Zanele Muholi & Themba Vilakazi (10.08.2013)

AP flag_0607

AP Captain Morgan_0710

AP flag_0564

AP flag_0655
 AP QueeRussia_0616
AP skaters_0579

AP wigs_0698




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2 Responses to 2013 Aug. 10: @ Antwerp Pride in 2013

  1. matshidiso cynthia says:

    I love what i see wish i was there,this show that tge whole world knws abt us & what we stand for. This is example to be taken seriously & be acknowledged by society @ large.

  2. Kirro says:

    This is beautiful guyz,keep on doing the good work!

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