2013 Oct. 11: Meet our own lesbian actors

A video production by Inkanyiso media.

Synopsis to be posted later.


NB: ***We apologize for Kopano’s wrongly spelt surname.


Previous videos

2013 Sept. 29: Soweto Pride 2013


2011 May – GDX – SIPD Exchange Programme


2011 Nov.: Trans Health & Advocacy conference hosted by GenderDynamix


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7 Responses to 2013 Oct. 11: Meet our own lesbian actors

  1. babe's says:

    woow,that’s an amazing story,dee u are an inspiration and motivation toward those who share the same sentiment and experience toward their lives journey…u are a role model and own up to it and even if life turns the other way u can stil wake up with smile and courage,determination, to show nothing it’s impossible…

    Loving the story…thanks for sharing.. :=)

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