2013 Nov. 19: Love is a beautiful thing


When you’re in love nothing else really matters.
Just you and the person you’re in love with.

I’m in love with a wonderful soul, a wonderful woman.
I have been in love before, but never like this.
Could it be because it’s with a woman?
I believe I’m a very difficult person to love, sometimes I wonder how she does it.
I’m one stubborn woman who finds it hard to love and be patient to see it through. But ever since I started dating her, things have changed.

I have learned the art of loving, loving without reservation.
I have learned to be patient, to fight for what I love and believe in.

Just as in any relationship, there are fights, we also disagree and fight at times.
But through it all we never forget how we feel about each other.
The love we share compels us to find the way back to each other.
You know the thing about love is that it makes you free, free to be who you really are – NO PRETENCE!

When I’m with her I can be myself, without any fear, without fearing what she thinks of me.
She has taught me to be free in love, to love without boundaries.
As a woman in a lesbian relationship, I used to battle to love a woman OPENLY.
She helped me realised that love has no gender, what’s important is that you are in love.

People have mentioned to me that I am glowing, I look happy and younger they say.
There’s something about being in love that becomes contagious.
I have seen my daughter open up and fall in love with my partner.
I have also seen my family warming up to her and loving her like one of their own.
Even though they don’t understand that we’re in a relationship, they still love her.
They have also admitted that I have become lighter, happier and more approachable.
If love brings such happiness to someone, then who could deny them that?

Yes, love surely is a wonderful thing and I can safely say I’m ready for the next level!!!

It has been said that
I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH Phumla Rose Masuku.

© Buli Vimbelela







About the author

Buli is a caring mother to her lovely daughter and a lover to her partner.
In this creative piece she declares her love for Rose.
There are so many beautiful women like her but always find it hard to express their love for the same gender publicly with fear of being discriminated against.

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10 Responses to 2013 Nov. 19: Love is a beautiful thing

  1. Charmain Carrol says:

    It really is a love thing

  2. Ntokozo Mgcaleka says:

    This is so beautifully written.I love it very much

  3. Tsholo says:

    Wow. This is beautiful and inspirational. And it’s true what everybody says, I’ve never seen you this happy in all the years as friends. And what I’ve never told you is how much I admire your resolve and courage. Not many people these days live their true calling.

    Just from the way Phumla loves you, we have all fallen in love with her.

    I continue to pray for your union and happiness.

  4. Buli says:

    Ncooo thank u so much you guys!
    And thank you to Zanele for making me do this, it almost feels natural lol. Thank u Inkanyiso as well, let’s keep doing this

  5. Tarras says:

    Ncoooh this is sweet yazi futhi kuyiqiniso sekukonke…nginifisela inhlahla nempilo ende ndawonye

  6. Gift says:

    Wow #speechless

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  8. Belle says:

    Thank you for sharing Bulie, this is just beautiful… I feel you my friend. You see family matters most to me, and if my family loves my partner and accepts her that’s a true blessing. May things always remain this way

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