Jaw-dropping beauties at the Miss Gay Lesbian Soweto 2013 semi-finals

Jaw-dropping beauties from Miss Gay Lesbian Soweto 2013 semi-finals

Photo Album by Akhona Hailele & Zanele Muholi/ Inkanyiso

When:  8th Nov. 2013

Where:  Uncle Tom Hall, Soweto

Who:  MCee’d by Yaya & Lebo

Organized by Tumi, Penny, Letebele, Fino...

Finals to be held on the 7th Dec. 2013

Beauty 4_0408

Beauty Kgomotso_0438

Beauty Nathi_0410 1

Beauty questioned 2_0393

beauty questioned_0384

Beauty responding to Qz_0396


Beauty Somizi_0450

contestants 2_0154

miss yaya & lebo_0080

Handsome questioned_0496


lebo mc_0239

Beauty Nhlanhla_0461

Beauty questioned 4_0471



Oh beauty_0512


Beauties 3_0687

Beauty Queen_0634




Phumla main_0696


Semi Finalists_0667

Semi winners_0717


interpreter main_0563






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