2013 Dec. 17: Inconceivable Self-Love?

by Jeremiah Sepotokele

There is no sophisticated financial instrument
that could ever explain
the debt of self-love…
The debt is claimable
whenever the voices behind our humanity
summons our souls to places of inferiority and insecurity…
We long to imagine ourselves differently at the face of despair
and in instances where we cannot face our phases no longer…
The credit remains unsettled…
Self-love renders us free
but has become due
when fears figures our imagined inadequacies…

We toss and turn to find ourselves at credit
less mercies of our environment…
The consumable energies
we channel to assert ourselves from the exterior
but oblivious to the power that is harboured from within…
The bankable self-love
which we remain beneficiaries to…
The universal responsibility of tutoring the heart
to embrace the wonder of self-love is the battle of mankind…
The destructive wars that drops the globe to its lowest knee…

We are torn to hatred
heating our chests
burning the bits of care we cage…

Our souls are screaming
to remember how self-love looks like…
Our itchy eyes remain teary
in the difficult labour of viewing ourselves with love…
Unknown is the secret
buried in our hearts…
to love and to hold ourselves dearly
to our chests and to listen to the melodical beats
desperate to tune into the symphony of self-love…


About the author

Jeremiah is Editorial Associate: Local Content and Conference Co-ordinator for the Wits Student Law Journal for SADC.
Sepotokele is also an avid researcher and contributor for Inkanyiso media.

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