2014 Feb.28: Isiphiwo Sami

This short documentary is an exploration of Black Queers in SA (Beauties)… Queerizing Public Spaces.
Produced in Durban in 2013, an exchange between black trans/ femme gay identifying persons from Durban and Johannesburg.
Continuous documentation of Inkanyiso Productions celebrating our queer selves as we are heading toward 20 Years of Democracy.

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3 Responses to 2014 Feb.28: Isiphiwo Sami

  1. ckylu1 says:

    Wow, ubuhle ne-confidence elapha. Impressive. Big ups Zanele and Inkanyiso

  2. Sasie Bubbles says:

    And I’m sphiwosakhe. I so wish I can do more of this namanje ngisasho it takes balls to do this !!! Big up to this lovely girls I know god uzobangcina baze baphumelela

  3. Abo says:

    Beautiful, i must say. The variations of beauty one finds is amazing and tells a story of its own. This, i think, goes towards defining what get Pride is….and we appreciate you ladies for showing it to us.

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