2014 March 12: Photos from SF Jazz Center – Artist Talk


2014 March 12:  Photos from SF Jazz Center - Artist Talk

“What is your perception of South Africa?
What exactly do you think we do there?…
We actually have an airport, we didn’t come here on an airboat.”

Photos by Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene (in the audience)
Camera used:  iPhone 5c
SF Jazz Center
What:  Artist/ Activist Talk
City:  S
an Francisco


2014 March 1

Muholi presenting previous photos from ZaVa series (2013) in collaboration with Valerie Thomas.

2014 March 12 Muholi Z

2014 March 12 Muholi in bed

Showing on screen is the new photo from ZaVa series (2014), San Francisco…

2014 March 12 Val Z Sly Dominic

Previous by Yvonne

2014 March 12: Loving Us With The Fierceness We Deserve:


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5 Responses to 2014 March 12: Photos from SF Jazz Center – Artist Talk

  1. Gugu says:

    A job well done Zanele Muholi…I am 1 of the quiet members that always follows your post…I must say a job well done we need more people like you in our country and embracing our sexuality…Keep it up

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  3. website says:

    I really love your new weblog on 2014 March 12: Photos from SF Jazz Center and and look forward to more!


  4. homepage says:

    Thanks for the practical information in your content on 2014
    March 12: Photos from SF Jazz Center…
    Many thanks

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