2014 March 25: Mzansi reacts on Mzamo “Mzamie” Gcabashe eviction from Big Brother


by Yaya Mavundla

Bubbly, honest, fashion forward, dramatic and of course smart are some of the things that comes up when one thinks of the KwaZulu Natal, Durban born Mzamo Gcabashe.
Amongst so many things that he does, he’s such a great dancer and singer. I remember when I first saw him dance to a Beyonce hot single “Single Ladies” at Miss Gay Durban 2010 that I had booked him for to perform at I was blown away!
I literary melted!
Such a great performer that some of our artists fail to deliver in their concerts.

Mzamo Gcabashe (2013) Photo by Zanele Muholi

Mzamo Gcabashe (2013)
Photo by Zanele Muholi

I then saw him perform again at KZN LGBTI Fashion Show where I was one of the models in 2010, such a great voice. He sang a song by Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance” and the whole auditorium came to a standstill.

When he told me he was in Joburg I knew he is here to work and he will make it, especially with such a great combination he has, they call it a full package. I always say talent isn’t good enough on it own and I know with Mzamo it is indeed a full package.

Early last month I heard he will be on Big Brother Mzansi and I was so excited. Not only because I know him on a personal level and as a friend but with the fact that he is openly gay, smart, knows his story.  What was the most important fact was that he won’t make fun of us on national television and will be the total opposite of what the society perceive when they think what Black Gay Man is like or how  he behaves. I knew I could count on him to changing such stereotypes and I was right.

On the first day of Big Brother I checked my twitter and came across @TrendsSouthAfrica tweet #Mzamo is now trending in South Africa I was not worried at all that he might be trending because of the wrong reasons.

I then clicked on #BBMzansi which is a hash tag of Big Brother on twitter and what I read there was amazing. The fact that people acknowledged the fact that Mzamo is Gay but behaved just like anyone else who the society consider normal.
People were praising Mzamo on twitter, I was so happy.

I knew he was not going to win million rand, for one, they expected a Gay guy who will be over the top, too much make-up, someone who will subscribe to what seems normal and exciting on Big Brother and someone who will basically seduce men because they are Gay. We all know that in the world we live in, Gay people are associated with sex and drama which is what I always thought it’s sick and I can’t associate with people who think that about me! Mzamo didn’t do that, he proved the whole nation wrong.

As smart, consistent and frank as Mzamo is, that not what Big Brother wanted for them to survive and get more viewers. We all know, TV programmes survives not to be canned because of the numbers, no numbers, no slot on TV. Mzamo was perhaps a let-down to the producers and people at home who find entertainment when a black gay guy or anyone else do silly things such as the incident of Lexi and Mandla who had sex and their pictures of the two naked men went viral on social media, and of course that attracted more people to watch the show.
Mzamo didn’t do any scandals that will attract more viewers and it was time for him to go.

What I know is that most people especially his parents and friends are proud of Mzamo.
 No one will ever search for Mzamo on google and read about his dirty laundry.
For me, Mzamo being on TV is so much about activism and that will help sensitize most people in our society.
I’m sure there are parents who have changed their minds about their children after watching Big Brother. There are parents who now understand that all the stigmas that are associated with LGBTI people are actually not valid. Mzamo made us as LGBTI people look normal, which is what the people we grew up with fail to understand about us. I am proud.

Mzamie, a photo grabbed from his facebook album.

Mzamie, a photo grabbed from his facebook album.

When Mzamo was announced as one of the house mates that were evicted I was sad, I went on twitter to check what the rest of the people who follow Big Brother Mzansi thinks.

People were furious, they were sad and they didn’t expect it.

The eviction happened after I read a tweet from Candice Nkosi “@Leornard_Sifiso: Umzamo akayi ndawo” she tweeted.
I read harsh tweets from others that read: “BULLSHIT! I’m never watching Big Brother, how could they let Mzamo go”, the other one read “They want people who will have sex, kiss on screen and abuse alcohol and Mzamo was the total opposite hence the eviction” while the other one read, “Ay ave ehleba, akahambe”.

Reading all these tweets made me realise that Mzamo made such an impact while on Big Brother.


"This is the future... watch out this space"

“This is our starlet … watch out this space”

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4 Responses to 2014 March 25: Mzansi reacts on Mzamo “Mzamie” Gcabashe eviction from Big Brother

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  2. Kopano says:

    I too was saddened by his sudden eviction like WTF? We were all totally unprepared and I guess it’s fair to say that he was unfairly evicted, though we do need to realize it’s a game.

    He did in fact represent the LGBTI community in a proper manner, although he didn’t leave with anything, but he definitely left a mark… and that will always live on people’s memory.

    Beautiful read Yaya…

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  4. Lady Thorns says:

    I never watched BBM til lately and the first thing I saw when I tuned in was a conflict. He was involved for some reasons yet while everyone was on their panties on international tv, speaking loud like their crazy with liquor in their hands. He chose to distant himself from the situation. I just liked him for that. I sense a peaceful soul, which we both have that in common, so I liked him for how he acted ou in the situation.

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