by Yaya Mavundla


I have attended a few album launches in the past and that includes Zulu Boy, LIRA, Mi Casa and Zakes Bantwini to mention a few. All these spaces have always been packed to the full capacity with friends and family In support of the projects.

We arrived in Daveyton at Two Tones Lounge at about 18h00 straight from WITS Arts Museum and Nqobile Zungu coming from Sibonelo Muholi’s wedding in Southgate so excited about Shaz Jones and Major Jacobs (JacobJones) album launch for their debut album titled Nett/so and it was a total different case from what I have experienced in any album launch in the past.

At the door we met with Major who introduced us to the bouncers and gave us our passes to come in. Nqobile Zungu and I started arguing on who is buying the album because we both wanted to own it. We then agreed I get it.

I then joke with Major that I want mine to be autographed.

Shock of my life when I got inside the venue! I have never in my life, what an embarrassment. No representation from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) community from Daveyton. I was sad, confused and very angry.

The ONLY people from the LGBTI community I spotted was Collen Mfazwe who arrived the same time as we did and left 30 min later. Vuvu Mtsweni, and Lesiba Mothibe.

Arriving 45 minutes before the launch finishes was Kgomotso Mashapa (Reigning Miss Valentine Daveyton) who made an excuse that she had an appointment.

Another let down with little success was Xoli Lewinski who was supposed to be the MC for the evening didn’t pitch and apparently sent a message to a friend that he had too much to drink and won’t be able to attend. Luckily there was someone who was on the standby to cover for him. What a disgrace! The level of unprofessionalism is shocking.

Beauty queens and drag queens such as Thabo Menu aka Miss T, Thabo Mathenjwa and Nathi Dlamini to mention a few were nowhere to be seen even though there is a song dedicated to them and these are the same people who will do anything to be featured on the music video that is scheduled to be shot soon.

In attendance there was also Shaz’s mother Mrs. Mthunzi and her uncle Sticks Jones who came to support their child launching her album. Even the 10 year old was from next door was in attendance to support great talent and a good neighbor of course.

The popular single Top 10 and Drag Queens which are featured on the album were definitely the audience’s favorite as they sang along these two songs and even asked for more.

Sadly the people who the music was dedicated to were not there to witness this.

I was so embarrassed that Shaz and Major are basically risking losing support from straight audience (which is majority) in support of the LGBTI people that doesn’t care nor support them.

Part two with comments from artists, families, management and people in attendance to follow.

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  1. Simphiwe Blue Mofokeng says:

    Personally I came late koz I told Leseba as our chairperson of Uthingo dat I was @ work n dd not b given a day off… Mmh I knocked of past 6pm rushed home n dd some quick refresh of myslf thinking dat dem lauch started @ 2pm I’ve missed a lot so I hav 2 b ther @least 2 show sum last few hours of support 2 our artists… It was 19:20 2 b exact wen I got done n thought 2 maslf dat if I we’re 2 walk to 2 Tone I’m gona b extremely late koz it takes me approximately 20mnts 2 get der bt wit dem taxi hai 4mnts ngizabe ngilapha… So ngathatha dem taxi ke mina ngizitshela ukuthi angifuni ukuphuthelwa wokuningi evn dem crowd… Bt wen I lended der I felt as if I was lost mayb I’ve went 2 dem wrong venue n I watsapped Vuvu 2 check whr she was n she told me she was @ Rhoo ngadideka worse n asked maslf ukuthi am I really dat late… Bt well sumthing in me said go in mfo n as I dd uShez wavela wangihlangabeza wit a smile n said kimi ngiyabonga u came n as I tried 2 explain why I was late 2 her she simply said I know u we’re @ work bt dem fact dat u r here dats wat matters cum in ooh well I got in bt cudn’t b really in I stood by dem door 4 abt 2mnts asking maslf whr is dem LGBTI crew bt agn who am I asking ngoba vele nje ngiyazibonela… Ok it duzn’t hav 2 matter kodwa I was a bit disappointed dat all I got der was jst a crew of INKANYISO n abt 4 of UTHINGO members n dem crew ya ma artists wethu… Hai Guyz- sengikhuluma na LGBTI’s nabanjani mara yhe kushukuthi iR20 ye entrence seyingaze ibulale umuntu I mean its Month end n evn if u aint working bt @least beningazama ukuthi niwathole… I mean our own brother n sister hav worked so hard 2 showcase nomphakathi as a whole dat we r not abt ubutabane bethu bt a lot more bekuyini ukungayi kwenu 2 give out isupport evn if u dnt buy dem CD bt uku enjoyer nabo… Hai le ya swabisa shame #odawise mina I’m greatful on ma side koz ngi-enjoyile blind nabo n waiting 4 ma CD 2 b delivered as I’ve ordered 1 *so proud of u Shaz n Major* 😉

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