2014 June 10: What fashion is… Not

I said…

Fashion is gendered
fashion is racialized
fashion is traditional
fashion is cultured
fashion is multilingual
fashion is colored
fashion is queer
fashion is sexual

 Fashion has a language
fashion is global
fashion is a state of economy

fashion is in Black and White
fashion is fake
fashion is fickle

Who decides what is or not?

Fashion is about you
and I
fashion is gay
fashion is Us
Fashion is my skin
fashion is the body
Hair is fashion
Fashion is Be-ing

Fashion is chemicalized
fashion is medicinal
fashion is botoxed
fashion is industry
Sanitized is fashion

Fashion is marginalized
fashion is homophobia
Sensational is fashion

Fashion is moneyed
Think– dollars, rands, yen, pounds, euros, pula…
fashion is an expression
fashion is my religion

Fashion is brutal
fashion is blind
Let Fashion Be…

Fashion is about production
fashion is political
and corrupted

Fashion is racist
fashion is mixed – emotions
and emotional
fashion is camouflaged

Fashion is this, that, there, then
fashion is about time, timing, timelines

Vintage is fashion
fashion is intergenerational
fashion is older than us
than you

fashion is young
fashion is no-sense

fashion is sex/sexual/sexuality
is sensual

Fashion is your mother,
your father,
your sister,
your brother,
your cousin,
your granny
with grey-ed hair

Fashion is my family
and yours too
fashion is about relations
about relationships
we, humans communicate
through fashion

Fashion is universal beyond words
fashion is visual
if not photographic too
fashion revokes conflicts

Africa is where the fashion sense

Fashion is contained
Sexuality is not a fashion trend
We are all consumed by fashion


by Zanele Muholi
© 2014





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