1 Response to 2014 July 20: Birthday wishes for Muholi

  1. Ang Lloyd says:

    Wonderful post, wishing you a belated and happy birthday, Zanele. I really love Valerie’s images, as well as the idea to share how you have made a difference to people’s lives – and what a difference you have made! Even to me – a middle-class white queer. I have only met you once but after our meeting, you definitely left an impact: I was blown away by your intensity and passion; you made me realise that activism comes in all forms, and that I, too, can highlight an important cause through my writing. You also made me realise that activism is your life – and not many people dedicate their lives to a cause. Even sleep takes second priority to your activism 🙂 That’s what makes you unique – you really do walk the talk, and I respect and admire you so much for that. Ang

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