2014 Oct. 15: “Young, Gifted and Gay”

by Lerato Ntlatlane-Malibe

It is funny how as people we are covered by different labels. When people discover that I am gay, comments I normally receive are “but you are so feminine and pretty”.

As a writer/columnist for a certain newspaper; there was point where I felt like writing these articles was getting me nowhere. But when I was about to give up, someone would come asking for my help. That encouraged me, and made me realise that out of a hundred negative comments I receive, there is one that is positive- and I will keep on writing for that one positive comment I receive.

As gay people we experience a lot of prejudice, it breaks us at times. But one thing that we are honest with ourselves. There is no better way to live your life than being true to yourself. People often ask us to explain our past, to explain our children forgetting that self discovery is a journey, and a journey that takes a million steps. In those steps you make mistakes, in those steps you realise that somethings are not for you and after that you hunt for who you are. In those steps we fall, we get up, we run, we get weary but journey on.

I want to tell everyone in the gay community that they might gossip about us but we are honest about who we are.

We are honest about our identity. So raise your head and walk with pride.
Do not let anyone pull you down, because they cannot handle your living an honest life.
Do not let anyone make you feel inferior because they are ignorant and choose not to understand.
We did not create ourselves, we did not choose to be gay and we will not hide ourselves. We did not commit any crime, we did not murder anyone we are just answering nature’s call on how to live our lives.

I had a problem with being labelled. But with time these labels made me work harder. These labels made me walk tall. These labels made me answer my natural and spiritual calling. People who call me names start realising that these names are not my education, my character, my spirituality and my overall being.

I always thank God that he gave me the wisdom to come to terms with who I am. He is the one  who created me to be. I am thankful that I don’t have to love and live my life in secret. This is who I am. I am young, I am gifted and I am proudly LESBIAN…..


About the author: I am proud that I am gay, because people say “wow but you are such a lady”. I am proud I am a spiritual healer, because people say “wow but you are so young and so pretty”. I am proud that I am mother, because people say “wow but you married to a woman”. I am proud that I am a writer and a performing poet because people say “wow you look so clean”. I am proud that I confuse the stereo type mind of this world.



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2 Responses to 2014 Oct. 15: “Young, Gifted and Gay”

  1. Luyanda Nzama says:

    I love this entry, there’s so much truth written here. Many people deem my sexuality as a burden because of how it makes them feel and not what it represents to me. Some people just need to realise that me being a gay is just a small fraction of who I really am.

  2. mahadi lee mofokeng says:


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