2014 Oct. 21: A tribute to the late lover

Phumy (Phumzile Nkosi) and Pretty Nanto met in 2010 December 31.
We fell in love and promised each other that “till death do us part,” and it did 4 years later.

She was amazingly smart, caring, loving, supportive, brave and the strongest person I have ever met.

Phumy was my first girlfriend and she was the best person I’ve ever met, because she loved me and I was her princess.

When I was with her we were always happy and that was the amazing thing, she always wanted us to be happy “HAPPINESS”.

She was one of those loving souls, I loved her, and she became someone so special or let me say a blessing. When I met her I never realized she can be such.

Although sometimes we had disagreements and arguments but she never laid a hand on me, that was the promise she made and kept.

We wouldn’t sleep or go a day without talking to each other because we believed that two people being in love means you can’t live without one another.

She was a special person and will always be in my Heart.

Losing her was the last thing in my thoughts.
Since she left me I feel like I am a foreigner living in the wrong world where she is not in.

Everyday depression is taking place, I really don’t understand why she had to leave me in this sad way, that she doesn’t deserve.

I feel if I was there with her such wouldn’t have happened because with each other nothing went wrong.

I’m really breaking apart everyday, losing her has really changed how happy and bubbly I was.

We would call each other every day or do callbacks if we have no airtime.
Now that beautiful voice is gone, I am crying every day.

In my life she became someone wonderful and I don’t think I would ever have such a soul.

It’s been weeks since she’s been gone, but still feels new to me that she is gone.

I’m trying very hard to be strong, and the more I try, the more it hurts deeply.

I’m strong around people but when I’m alone it all comes back and I sometimes feel like I’m losing myself because I’m often in tears and feeling empty.

So here I am all alone, singishiyile isthandwa sam’.  No one has ever treated me like her, because with her nothing mattered everything was well.

We’ve been through a lot together and she never gave up on us through all the sadness.

Intlupheko yethu (our poverty) was known by us and we wouldn’t show anyone but our love kept us together.

All that’s left now is memories and that she loved me very much.

In my life I don’t think I will ever meet such a person there was only ONE PHUMY for me.

Even if I can move on she will remain loved and no else will ever receive the love I have for her.

Every day when I wake up its very different and unique I’m no longer confident I am really confused and have lots of questions of why.

I feel she is going to call me or I will call her so I can hear that voice saying ”DOODO’.

In my life I made a promise to her that I will take care of our boys Thulani and Phumlani because that is what she always asked me if anything happens to her.

This thing will make me happy and even her soul will rest in peace. She will always remain in my memories and I’m proud of her.
Love you my dodo…


Phumzile Nkosi_9603



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About the author

Nomfundiso Nanto is well known by the name of Pretty.
She was born on the 20th  October 1993 in Tsakane township but currently stays in Westdene, Johannesburg.
She is a 2nd Year student at the University of Johannesburg studying towards a Bachelor’s degree: Education for Senior and FET phase majoring in Psychology (Life Orientation) and Physical education (Sports).







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4 Responses to 2014 Oct. 21: A tribute to the late lover

  1. Mkamzee Mwatela says:

    This, is what a tribute looks like, sounds like. So beautiful. Love.

  2. yv says:

    so sorry for your loss Pretty,
    it was you, who were her gift for her short journey here. She had to experience love, to feel deep, true, sincere and inconditional love. She had to get that connection, to meet her soul mate, to laugh and to give love to someone, and your were given to her to make her happy, as short it last but you see, you were meant to be a part of her experience.
    Now, wherever she is, whatever she became, there still perfection in her happy life she had, just somehow, because of u honey.

    feel happy and proud for everything u gave her
    be strong and open your heart, because you must have a big heart for, u to give all that love to someone.

    pense beaucoup à toi, Love, kisses and warm embrasse.

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