2014 Nov. 1: eKasi Tattoo Parlor!

by Mandisa Giqika

I have been asked several times by my ex girlfriends to tattoo something unique about us. I always made up excuses not to. Tattoos are expensive and it also against my religion to tattoo my body.

Here am I in Jozi, the City of Gold where everything is happening. I met new friends, totally different from Durbanites. They both tattooed names of people they love. I got fascinated about the work of the art.

I started to question who tattooed them. It came to my surprise that they did by themselves. People would ask Zero to tattoo them but due to time constraints and that she can’t draw, the only escape she made is not today.

In my mind I thought they had this tattooing machine that you find in descent tattoo parlors. To make and connect tattooing machine requires enough time and many resources main is a motor.

CC _ Lynne tattoo_3676

I then offered a few of the resources used to produce tattoo. One of them was to draw with a ball pen graphic tattoo as requested by owner then Zero would stoek.

Yesterday this girl by the name of Zanele wanted to draw a butterfly on her leg. I drew her while Zero was about to finish connecting cables. On that butterfly tattoo she requested I also drew a sunflower, seeds popping out of butterfly leading to sunflower.

Now we are about to draw it with permanent ink. Boom buttons holes aren’t the size. We tried to use different buttons but nix. We just need a 2hole button from a school shirt.

I guess it a hint that a button will work when the camera is rolling!

I will take you through the whole process. From the time we prepare the machine to the green tattoo. Watch out for some shocking evidence revealed behind those beautiful tattoos.



About the author

Mandisa Giqika is a Leader and IT Graduate. She’s from Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape but born and bred in Durban currently lives in Johannesburg.

In 2002-2006, June and December Holidays attended Leadership camps with Ithemba Lethu Youth Programme

In April 2008, attended Introduction to Transformational Leadership with Lucca Leadership

In 2010-2013, she studied Information Technology (Software Development) 4 year Foundation course at Durban University of Technology.

Mandisa with her team have successfully developed a subsystem for Indonsa Consulting and Training. They also created a Facebook page DUT Stolen Pics then administered by the team.

She has also assisted with still pictures; a filmmaker, Thobe Gumede on her projects.

After completion of the qualification, she then joined Woolworths SA for 7 months. While working for Woolworths, she opened a small internet café for small projects and daily internet needs.

She then relocated to Johannesburg for Job hunting. Became involved in Endemol Productions as an Usher on following programs:-

  • Big Brother Mzansi Auditions
  • Big Brother Africa Auditions
  • Clash of the Choirs Finale
  • What’s Behind The Wall
  • Give Me That Bill Mzansi


  1. “I am Human” regardless of sexuality article (Oct ’14)
  2. Annique brief pamphlet publication (2014)
  3. PulFan Fire Equipment Manual and Quotation stickers publication (2014)
  4. Indonsa Consulting and Training System Development (2013)



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