2014 Nov. 27: “I am more than just my body”

What:  Faces and Phases follow up
Who:  Thelma Mutsa Honnor
Where:  Farsta Centrum, Stockholm. SWEDEN
When: 27/11/2014
Camera used:  Canon 6D with 50mm lens on Manfrotto K301 tripod

2014 Nov. 27 Mutsa best 2_5326


My name is Thelma Mutsa Honnor (34) who was born and bred in Zimbabwe. I have a 14 year-old handsome and super smart boy. I’m based in Sweden Stockholm, with my partner who is also Zimbabwean. I speak English and Shona, which are our main languages in Zimbabwe, with Shona being the mother tongue. I’m a very simple person who is down to earth. I love life and I love my life, as an out-going person who loves to party.

Every girl’s favourite time is when they dress up, getting ready to go out with the girls or boys. I also enjoy having my hair made up, clothes, and the perfect scent of my favourite perfume of the moment, yes that’s me! See I appreciate myself and I am very comfortable in my skin. That’s how I define beauty, not forgetting that I’m a beautiful soul inside. That makes it easy to show and shine out side. The way you present yourself to the public says a lot about the person you are both in an out. When I’m feeling low, all I need to do is buy myself a little, pick me up. It could be nail polish, and it doesn’t matter how much it costs, quality matters.

If you ask what part of my body I favour the most, I would have to say look at my picture its all there hahahaha. My eyes are naturally slow but they glow and my brain also plays a major role in the sexiness. I am a Diesel brand girl that is my first designer love.
Which girl doesn’t love Channel, Gucci, and all the other labels?
I only do original that’s me.

Q: Who is Thelma?
A: She is a mum, sister, aunt, lover, and an activist full of energy. I AM EVERY WOMAN.

Q: What would you like people to know about you?
A: They should know that through all my struggles I have grown to love and appreciate the power of self-love.

Q: What things make you feel good or excite you in life?
A: I feel good when I have the people I love around me. I want to see them happy. When they laugh, that’s all that makes sense to me. I get excited when I look good, smell fabulous, to represent all the sisters that love themselves.

Q: What is your favourite music/ musician?
A: I am an 80s RnB baby so I love Brandy, Whitney, R Kelly, Keith Sweat, Monica, Aliyah and more. My favourite artist has to be Mary J Blige because her music speaks to me in so many different ways.

Q: What book are you reading at the moment?
A: At the moment I am reading “Swedish for learners” hahaha, I need to learn this language its killing me right now.

Q: Your favourite film or documentary or movie?
A: I love movies that are based on actual events and any documentary that exposes and brings to light the truth as it is. Anything that changes peoples mind-set as long as it is positive.

Q: Do you have any parents or siblings or children?
A: My mom and grandparents raised me. I have 2 brothers both younger.

Q: Are you working/ studying/ unemployed?
A: I work at Bromma as an Operations Manager.

Q: What is your highest level of education?
A: Diploma in systemic family therapy.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: I love to play pool and I totally kick ass as well. I also play basketball and listen to music, sing when my voice is in the mood and watch movies.

Q: What is your future plan?
A: I am all about beauty, so I would like to have my own beauty parlour and maybe a restaurant because I love cooking an am good at it too.

Q: How do you identify in terms of gender and sexuality?
(What words do you use when you think or talk about your sexuality and identity)
A: I identify as bisexual but really don’t like labels.

Q: How do you identify: Butch & Femme & In-between?
A: Very girly femme

Q: What does your sexual orientation/ gender identity mean to you?
A: For me its no different from anything or anyone. I am who I am and that’s enough meaning for me.

Q: How does your family feel about your sexuality/gender identity?
 A: Only my siblings know and some cousins that are close to me, they are absolutely fine with it. Sadly, my mum doesn’t know, she doesn’t accept that there are people like me.

Q: Do you have a lover?
Yes I do.

Q: Is your lover male or female?
A: My lover, partner, and best friend for the past 7 years identifies as trans man.

Q: Is your family or lover’s family aware of your relationship?
A: I believe some of them are aware and are fine with it. It is not something that’s openly talked about where we come from.
Q: What do you think about love, and about same-sex people and same gender loving people?
A: All I can say is I believe in love but it has to be real and same sex couples are just like any other couple. Love is a beautiful thing when you find it.

Q: What challenges are you facing as a person and as a couple?
A: Being black and in a same sex couple has its challenges as always. Like being accepted for who you are. I am still to discover if we are to face any discrimination as a couple because we are in the process of trying to buy an apartment so will let you know.

Q: SA is known for rampant hate crimes or homophobia or transphobia. What is your take on that?
A: I have to say that it is a sad situation but that is the reality of the matter. SA has a beautifully written constitution, which is meant to protect the rights of every human being regardless of their sexual orientation. It has the highest number of hate crimes. So the question that comes to my mind is why? How can people be so cruel? They use the bulb and culture to impose on innocent flow human beings. It is just sickening.

Q: Is it safe to be lesbian/trans in your area/ township/ suburb?
(How do you think that can be changed?)
A: It’s never safe when you come from a country that deems you unworthy because they fear the unknown. It’s a very pathetic excuse. People need to open their hearts and minds and unlearn these bad habits. Learn to accept that which you cannot control.

Q: If you were to become a leader/ politician/ radio or TV presenter what are the main issues or topics will you focus on?
A: I want to educate people, especially the younger generation, because they are the future of anything that has to do with loving and accepting who you are, without fear or prejudice. Standing up for what you know is right, not because you think, but because you know that it is the right thing to do. Even if you do not understand it, I would be the minister of peace.

Q: What would you like to do, if given a chance to have something that will change your life?
A: Be a movie star (laughs), so that the world can see that I’m a positive role model. On a serious note, I love working with kids, if only I could have a place in this world where I get to change someone else’s life for the better.

Q: What is the true meaning of your identities – being young, black, trans, lesbian, woman, son, daughter, uncle, and sister?
Because I have tapped inside myself and I love me for who I am. I’m born from the most amazing woman and I refuse to let my race or sexual orientation define me. I AM SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL AND FREE! I hold all the cards.

Q: What are your experiences – anything that you are comfortable to share with the viewer?
A: I am one of those few or many that can stand up and say I have experienced violence in the hands of the law that is supposed to protect me but I am not one to back down, I am still here and am not going nowhere.


2014 Nov. 27 Mutsa best_5328


Featuring in Faces and Phases (2006 - 2014) is Mutsa Honnor, Harare, Zimbabwe, 2011

Featuring in Faces and Phases (2006 – 2014) is Mutsa Honnor, Harare, Zimbabwe, 2011


Q: Last question, Could you please share your experience about when you agreed to participate in the project? How did you feel? What made you agree to participate?

“I had the pleasure of being part of a special project with Zanele Muholi when I was in Zimbabwe. It was a blessing that I still get to be a part of this other project. She doesn’t need to ask me twice. Every step is a learning process for me, and I get inspired every time. We learn together. I feel amazing because the message is always powerful. I will be a part of anything that showcases what we, as Africans, are about and that is within our struggles and successes.






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