2014 Dec. 21: Sealing the union of love

by Lerato Dumse 

A generous dose of ululating, praise and tears of joy was dished out, during a two-part engagement ceremony at Victory Ministries Church International (VMCI). The last leg of Bathini Dambuza and Portia Dludlu’s engagement announcement (known as Ukuphakamiswa) took place at the Durban branch, on Sunday 21 December 2014.
2014 Dec.21 VMCI pre xmas service best photo_0027


Singing praises is the First Lady of VMCI church in Durban featuring the newly engaged couple Portia & Bathini Dludlu


2014 Dec.21 Pastor Zungu welcoming the couple_0203

The Pastor, the couple and the groom’s mother in pink…

2014 Dec.21 Zungu praying for the Dludlus_0214

The couple (Portia & Bathini Dludlu) receiving blessings from Pastor Z. Zungu

2014 Jacqui Mseleku Ngwane_9938

Jacqui Mseleku-Ngwane sang a melodic musical item…
Their event coincided with the Christmas and Family Sunday service, held
inside the big and beautiful Denis Hurley hall, at Diakonia Council of Churches Centre. Pastor Z. Zungu, who leads the LGBT headed church, took to the podium to share the Sunday sermon with congregants who had packed inside the hall.

2014 Dec.21 Mr Cele_0081


2014 Dec.21 Mrs Ndlela_0086

The preacher started by highlighting the importance of family and thanked
the church members’ relatives who attended the family Sunday service.
The preacher also rebuked parents of homosexual children, who
continue to support homophobic pastors, and even give offering and pay
tithes “sustaining their livelihoods” said Zungu.


2014 Dec.21 Happy bride_0188

© Photos by Zanele Muholi (21/12/2014). Durban


After preaching and sharing a scripture as part of the Christmas
service, Zungu called Portia to come to the front, then made the announcement about the engagement and requesting for Portia to go and bring her bride to the front. While the church sang and praised, Portia, Bathini and her (Portia’s) mom walked hand-in-hand, casually walked to the front.

The couple’s union started with lobola negotiations at bathini’s home on December 13. Followed by the first announcement at VMCI’s Johannesburg branch the following day.

The Joburg church is hosted in Room 54 at Thulani Primary School, Soweto and was packed with church members, as well as family and friends of the two lovebirds.

Bathini fulfilled her dream of looking like a princess for her special day. She wore a beautiful long dress, neatly platted dreadlocks, and silver shoes, with matching accessories. While Portia complemented Bathini’s outfit with her black pants, shirt, stilettos and a matching cream white bowtie.

Portia expressed her jovial mood by singing that “God does good things for her,” before going down on one knee declaring her intentions to always love, provide a home, and ensuring that there is always food on the table for Bathini.

She ended her sweet words with, “I humbly request you to join the Dludlu family”. Upon accepting the request, Bathini shared that she always prayed to get married at the age of 30, to someone she “loves regardless, will grow grey hair with, and wear false teeth together.”

With tears of joy flowing from the couple and some congregants, the pair hugged tightly.

Pastor Nomsa Mazibuko then blessed the rings after reading from Mark 10:9
“What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Mazibuko then imparted some words of wisdom by informing them about the importance of communication, and reminding them that, “love has no grudges.”

The duo was further advised to observe the five Ts to help sustain their union. They are Thanda (love), Themba (trust), Thinta (touch), Thobe (humble) and Thumeka meaning to be obedient.

2014 Dec.21 Queer Families 3_0250

Happy couples from Left to Right Hon. Pastor Z. Zungu, the First Lady of the Church (VMCI) Mrs MaGesh Zungu, Bathini Dambuza – Dludlu and partner Portia Dludlu.
Back row: Happy & Vuyi Mchunu.



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    “we should believe in each other’s dreams’ –by Marvin Gaye Wholly Holy

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