2015 May 15: Rest in Peace, Mama

Letter to my late mother
Mother –  the 1st Lady in my life, Nelly Matee “Lala” Makalela
Mama, its been hard.
3 months ago when I laid you to rest Mama,
I remembered all you have ever said to me.
When you said “Ke Tlhokofala le tla Nkgopola.”
Now I know what you meant Lala.
I remember when I came out of the closet (with my sexuality)
Mama it was hard for you to accept me
but in the end you did accept me and you loved me just as I am.
Mama, one day I want to marry the woman of my dreams and I want you to be proud.
Mama you raised 4 kids all by yourself with no fathers.
You worked hard to make sure that we were clothed,
well fed and educated
Mama you were a Father and a Mother.
Mama you put us first before everyone.
Mama no one can ever be able to replace you.
I used to share a bed with you from birth until God called you,
I remember how you told me I almost died because of Phogwana,
But because you were a woman of God mama I’m still here.
Mama when you were sick
I kept strong for you, woke up 3 to 4 times with you to make sure you get to the loo,
fixing your pillow watching you as you sleep
because I was scared you’ll never wake up again.
I wish I had made you proud while you were alive,
I wish I’d never disappointed you,
I wish I had listened maybe I wouldn’t be were I am.
Mama, I’m going to make you proud even thou you not here.
I Love You Mama.

© Nthabiseng ‘Dj Slesh’ Makalela
May 2015

 About the author

Nthabiseng Makalela known as Dj Slesh. She is 24 years old, born in Soweto on the 30th of June
Currently work as a Banker and also a Dj for various events
A young vibrant and proud lesbian who is very much involved in community work and loves giving back to the community. She is a music Lover and Street Gear/Vintage Wear Fanatic.
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