2015 Aug. 9: Tangled pubic hair


Your piece of soft pubic hair is
tangled with mine.
I saw it as I showered.
The blocking white shower surface makes it
transparent that we exist here as one.
I see my black curly stubborn-ness, so annoying
We just came back home from Sakouli beach
It was our second round in one week.
We dived and floated alone with no interruptions
or fear of being coupled
At our own (s)pace
I trusted you with my body
As you convince me that I can.
You begged me to repeat the same style over and over again
‘You can do it’ you said again
I panicked with/out my neon orange life saving jacket
You insisted that the session was passable
Until that salted water forced itself through my nose
It choked me uncomfortably;
I had to come out of the water.
We continued with my ‘special’ shell picking stunt
A way of meditating recently discovered here
in the island
Indeed today was better than day before
Though I must confess,
I was not willing to do it
Swimming was not my intention
I needed to spare some moments and express my gratitude
for allowing a sense of space
for possible healing.


© Muholi


2015 July 28 Muholi by Val best_0359

2015 July 28: Muholi at N’gouja beach, Mayotte Island. Photos © Valerie Thomas

2015 July 28 Muholi by Val_0310




Mayotte Island files



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