2015 Aug. 11: Awed by Syracuse

Day 6: @ Light Work AIR 
by Muholi

Good morning Lerato Dumse
I woke up at 4h11.
I’m working already. It is another day now. Jet lag is taking its own toll on me.

Am thinking about what we’ve done since we came.
Yesterday we chit chatted in our room debating about the cameras distributed to many former members of Inkanyiso, who are not contributing anything as planned. Please note that those cameras are not lost. It is a pity that some people are selfish and do not see the “picture” (what Lindeka Qampi) always says when she’s in awe.
We spoke a lot about lost production, which is meant to help develop possible talent.
Again, people don’t get or see opportunities that are there for them at the height of depressing unemployment in our countries.

We left the residence for coffee at Cafe Kabul.
As we entered that space, we walked around and browsed through the second hand items at 3 fifteen (a thrift shop) situated inside the same coffee shop. Surely the owners are related, or maybe both shops are owned by one person, who is into coffee, and raising funds for the poor.
Most clothing in the shop are super feminine, the guy’s stuff is not too nice. Meaning whatever that one needs for props could only be bought, used as a prop and after that be donated back to the same shop.
We then ordered and sat in those rough edge neatly crafted furniture made with ‘found’ wood. You told me about some young guys in Joburg (next to DeeJay’s place who tune similar craft).
You then shared the article written by Kay-bee Chabalala for his aunt who paid for his tertiary fees. I enjoyed the read. You also showed and shared a video of Malema in parliament sent by your aunt. We tried to watch it but the sound was hard to hear from a mobile, listened to in an open space.

We left Kabul for Westcot where we looked around for more thrift shops to shop around for props.
The place we went to was a bit far away from where we live.
We went into the first one and were well attended. The items were nice and we picked some. Then to the second one, which was expensive, as painful as it was, we also bought props there. Remember we are far away from home and have to move along the currency – dollar. There’s no need of comparing anymore. We are in America baby where for every 1 dollar; you have to multiply it by 11 rands or so. Kunzima, especially with the state of our economy right now.

We walked a long distance but figured out a shortcut and crossed through a big park with a swimming pool and playground with swings. Guess what, the play equipment there is restricted to age limit. Lerato was keen to play on the swing but read the notice board there – Bang!!!

Lerato Dumse tried her luck on swings and the sign made it hard for her to play

Lerato Dumse tried her luck on swings and the sign made it hard for her to play


The suburb also has swimming pool located at the park...

The suburb also has swimming pool located at the park…

You’re over age mate. You couldn’t do it because police might persecute you.
We passed and descended the University Hill near our home. We took a long stroll scouting for possible photographing location. There are two particular places that I liked. We might go back there next week. Now we know where to go.

The neighborhood is so clean...

The neighborhood is so clean…

This city is so clean and quiet. You hardly see any local residents around.
We walked around slowly and ended up back at a place we call home. Where we either retreat or produce new visual works. We got home and I was in top form and desperately needed to work. We took decent portraits, at that time you were nibbling on pizza that I bought on Friday.
I had to be careful that there were no sign of oil next to the corners of your mouth in order to capture the best portraits.
We tried and at least archived something.
It is then that I remembered that I’m here to work and can’t afford to waste time so far away from home.

Today is another day and soon we’ll join Carrie Mae Weems who invited us to her church.
We’ll see how it goes.

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