2015 October 2: Liverpool was a great experience

by Somizy Sincwala

I started entering pageants in 2012 and with my first attempt I was fortunate to be crowned as the first Miss Uthingo 2012.

My journey continued after winning Miss Uthingo. I entered Miss Gay Jozi, Miss Gay Soweto, Miss Black Pride, Miss Gay Daveyton, Miss Gay Queens of Queens, Miss Gay Kathorus, Miss Mzansi Pride and Miss Gay Ekurhuleni. In some of the pageants I didn’t do well and in some I made it to the top 5, 3 and 2.

2013 I participated in Miss Gay Daveyton and sadly I only made it to the top 5. The following year (2014), I took part again and won “Best Dress” and the 1st princess title. I was a bit disappointed but I knew that my best time would come. This year I entered the same pageant and finally I was crowned as Miss Gay Daveyton 2015. I shared the stage with a number of beautiful ladies and most of them decided to step down after losing; for me, something so strong inside kept me going even after losing.

2015 Sept. 17 Somizy in front of Nathi image

Queen Somizy in front of exhibited photo of Nathi Dlamini currently on show at Open Eye Gallery


Winning Miss Gay Daveyton 2015 really made some of my dreams to become reality. In my mind I knew that I was going travel the world. Funny I didn’t know how that was going happen and I didn’t see it coming anytime soon, but Muholi made it all possible for me.

When I was told that I am given an opportunity, to go to the United Kingdom, I was so thrilled. I couldn’t share the good news with the public because I didn’t see it all happening. A lot of “what if” questions kept haunting me until I saw myself inside that Airline to the UK on September 13, 2015. It became my first international trip, with everything paid for, from the airline tickets to accommodation.


2015 Sept. 16 Somizy Ngunan & Muholi @ BBC


L-R: After the interview, Somizy Sincwala with Ngunan Adamu (Producer/Presenter for BBC Radio Merseyside) and Muholi in Liverpool, UK.

L-R: After the interview, Somizy Sincwala with Ngunan Adamu (Producer/Presenter for BBC Radio Merseyside) and Muholi in Liverpool, UK.


While I was in the UK I got an opportunity to do a follow up photo shoot, in Liverpool, one of the friendliest towns I have ever visited. I also made it to a BBC radio interview and Bay TV Interview. I represented the Brave Beauties during the opening exhibition show of Muholi’s work at Open Eye Gallery. It is the most exquisite experience that I will forever cherish. I received the treatment that every Queen deserves after winning a title.


2015 Sept. 17 Somizy & Thomas Duke @ OEG _ Vukani opening

All smiles, Somizy Sincwala with Thomas Duke, curator at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK


I would like to advise the girls to take part in these types of events because they are a form of teaching, helping others to understand our real lives, not life styles.



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