2015 Dec. 27: Qhawekazi Elihle (Memoir)

by Tinashe Wakapila

Knight and shining armour come in the image of males, who are strong and powerful. These men fight and correct problems every now and again. My article is a grieving article, a poetic article filled with flashback memories of a Knight and shining amour who came as a woman and turned my life around. If I forget to mention anything on this article, just know that it is all recorded inside.

Qhawekazi, Ndlovukazi, Siwiliwili, Ngane yeZulu!

The day I stepped my feet into VMCI I experienced anew life changing moments spiritually. Get me right dear reader or article viewer, what I am about to write is not what VMCI is only about, but rather the circumstances that befalls this wonderful church.


2015 April 25 MaGesh _ frown_1040

2015 April 25 MaGesh Zungu, Brooklyn, New York City. Photo by Zanele Muholi


My hand and heart ache as I type

Like a Rose that has been plucked out of the fresh valley of different bouquets, very addictive yet healthy scent/ fragrance that passes its fresh molecules around. So was her warm welcome to the children of the Lord in the house of God VMCI. I do not know how she might have made you feel. My encounter with her, I as a foreign national in Durban, queer gendered woman, youth, believer and lady prayer, she taught me that love covers a multitude of sin. Regardless of how you may feel towards your life never miss the important thing which is Praising and Worshipping God, she said.

I am getting carried away with Myself, Magesh. The second time of my coming to church, my IsiZulu was not up to standard, I went up to her to pass my greeting she looked at me with her warm eyes and an understanding nod of encouragement and said to me “I know you are not from around I spoke to ubaba (Pastor Zungu) ukuthi siyenze i plan for us to have an interpreter.”

She placed herself in my shoes with my obvious confusion of the language. I felt at home, even when I was far away from her with her everlasting care, love and encouragement.

She taught me the way to hold myself high and she said “Njengoba Indlovukazi iyagqoka umqhele we glass, uyayisabela ukuthi if it drops it will break, always raise your head up high and never look down.

MORAL: The Hero that we lost as VMCI, is not just an ordinary Mam’ Mfundisi, she was extraordinary, her care was the care I had not known. For one moment I said to myself, this is a rare human.

God finally realized his Angel was missing and took it away.
A mother, best friend, sister, wife, caregiver, healer, counsellor, psychotherapist, name it, she was all in one.

What touches me the most is that I was a foreigner, a rare human in another land, she preached to me about Moses and how he grew up in the foreign land but still took domain. She never said she cannot encourage me because I am different. Instead she sought to make me strong and hardworking.

She was a Warrior, a lady. An ambassador, a soldier of the Lord, a woman of virtue, who would have stopped at nothing to bring a smile on a down face, a spiritual strength at  a thirsty soul.

The skies look wonderful and clear, oh the heavens cannot contain the beauty that you bring out and radiate.

Your memories are everyone’s life solace.

May the beautiful memories of the times we spent with you when the spirit and flesh were still together be even enhanced with us, celebrating and joining you in spirit every time

As I wrote this article I was smiling hard with a tear on my cheek, you are reading and listening from the heavens above, there is nothing your children value more than your love, nommater where we are, what we are doing, your memories will keep us going and smiling.

Uyathandwa and the wonderful castle you are building for all of us there is surely glamourous, fashionable and classical just like you Mom. 

We will make you proud.
Words will be endless
Farewell Dwala Elihle. 

Founder of Dwala, now and forever remember you told me to write minutes after our Dwala meeting. 

This will not be my last but today I am proud to write the glimpsed minutes of your life from the day I met you till we parted, I submit it to you.

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1 Response to 2015 Dec. 27: Qhawekazi Elihle (Memoir)

  1. Sassie bubbles says:

    Yoh tinashe my sister yoh yazi reading this article kubuyisa umqondo ( bring back thoughts) that she is really gone. The world will never be the same again. But crying won’t get us anywhere the seed that she planted in us must be taken care for so it will grow to be huge tree one day (the seed is love). Umah will never die her name will be carried out from generation to generation. So long live to magatsheni mama wami I will always love you ndlovukazi yama zulu.

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