2016 May 24: The joys and troubles of being a father

by Sharon ‘Sicka’ Mthunzi

I think I speak for every parent when I say the best thing that can happen to you is when you are blessed with a child that is a gift from God. It is always great watching your little one grow from the little toddler they are to a troublesome teenager and before you know it, they are out of your life. It all happens so fast that you wish time can reverse so that you can enjoy those experiences again.


2016 May 24 Sicka portrait


I am a father today, I have given “birth” to my first ancestral child. As Africans I believe that everyone is shown and guided by his/her ancestors on their own life journey. Whether it is through dreams, visions or instincts, at the end our ancestors are our very own angels. Ifone has been chosen to go for initiation to become a healer they undergo a few challenges and a change in their lives. This influences everything in their lives, be it love life, work, home etc. Consulting with a healer is always wise because we as healers are a medium between a normal being and their ancestors.


Sharon 'Shaz' Mthunzi 2 _ Daveyton Johannesburg 2014

The author is our Daveyton hip hop artist and also Faces and Phases participant, Nonkululeko ‘Shaz’ Mthunzi also known as Sicka…


Now the question is, how does one know where to go?
How does this happen?


There are many ways ancestors show signs and warnings. It can be through a dream or you would be in a Trans and find yourself in that person’s house. I was chosen at a very young age to go for initiation and today I am a qualified healer and now a father. The reason why I’m called a father is because the ancestor I carry is male and the correct term to use is uGobela. My child’s ancestral name is Mahlabezulu and she is an 18 year old female. She reminds me of the time when I went for initiation but I was much younger than her.
I had to leave school at the age of 16. It is true what is said “children pay for their parents sin,” because if our parents or our parents parents accepted this calling, we wouldn’t be in this situation.
Well my aunt always says “if you don’t want this to happen to you, who do you want it to happen to?”
My answer would be no one and I guess everything happens for a reason.

As a father, I am responsible for everything that concerns my child like finance, family issues, health etc. I must teach my child everything I was taught by my Gobela. It is not easy because you not only teaching her but also teaching her how to teach her ancestors and also how to control her gift.




Counselling is very important and crucial before initiation starts, one needs to confess all their sins, ask for forgiveness and forgive. I saw my child grow spiritually from day one even though she was battling with the emotional scars she carried but eventually she made peace with them. My Gobela always says she reminds her of me while I was still in initiation, from the respect I gave her, how I took responsibility and how I danced. Raising my very own spiritual child grows me also and prepares me for the next children coming. I am proud to say being a father was a great experience and I am looking forward in helping others find their very own paths in this life journey. My child is done and she is going back home to be with her family and very soon others are coming and I will be ready and waiting…


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