2017 July 23: UniQ interview with Le Sishi

By Sandy Nene



Le Sishi sm, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2014 - 2875

                                  From Umlazi To The World, Former Miss Gay Durban Le Sishi.                                            Photos by Zanele Muholi (Brave Beauties) series

Where did you grow up?

I was born, bred and buttered in the beautiful township of Umlazi (laughs).

What was your childhood like?

My childhood wasn’t that bad, my parents supported me emotionally, I had friends and siblings who wouldn’t make me feel otherwise. It was a fun and colourful childhood. I played with more girls than boys.

When did you discover your sexuality and was it easy accepting yourself?

At Grade 8, that’s when I started wearing women’s underwear. I changed my clothes to be more feminine, I would cut old pair of jeans and make them shorts – that’s when I started accepting who I really am and was willing to discover my sexuality as I grow.

Which schools did you go to?

I attended a primary school in MereBank and Naleni High School in Umlazi.

Did you come across through any discrimination while still schooling, especially high school?

They will always be negative comments towards homosexuals, but one needs to accept themselves, it has helped with me living my life to the fullest. If one is going to live their life the way other people want them, they will never be happy.

And the community you grew up in, was have they been treating you?

The community I grew up in is the same one that I am currently staying in. They have always questioned why am I too feminine compared to other homosexuals they knew but they accept me as a trans woman and I appreciate it.

How many siblings do you have and describe the type of relationship you have with them?

Yes I do have siblings, 2 brothers and 3 sisters, in total there is 6 of us. I have an amazing relationship with them, I am blessed to have them – they support every decision I make and I always consult with them whenever I am not sure about something.

What is your opinion on parents who don’t accept their homosexual children?

This reminds me how blessed I am to have the supportive family that allows me to be. I never understand why families never accept homosexuals, I mean, I’m a Preacher’s Kid – but have never felt any form of discrimination from my father or anyone in the family for that matter. At the end of the day, whether you accept your child or not, they were born like that, there is nothing you can do.

What’s keeping you busy and where can people spot you hanging out, having a great time with friends or having lunch?

I am involved with a lot of projects, I work for the Durban Gay & Lesbian Centre and I am very much involved in curating Gay pageants, drag shows etc for the LGBTI community.

NB: Please note that this article was first published in UniQ Magazine.


2013 Dec. 29 Candice with Le & Mini @ Durban South Beach_9449

From L-R: Mini, Candice and Le at Durban South Beach in Dec. 2013




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