2017 Aug. 31: My experience in Poetry form

White paint over white painted walls
removing the history of previous night
falls cause blackness was about to be reborn.
Squares and rectangles
Measures and tapes
Nails and hammers
Steps and ladders
Pins and niddles the anxiety stiffens.
Clicks and claps
Giggles and laughs
Ohh’s and aah’s
Curtsey’s and bows
Curiosity is aroused.
Questions verses answers
Pictures verses humans
Hugs verses kisses
Ballroom dancing on Stevenson’s floor.
Eyes panning right, left, left and right
Reading and writing real human rights
Somnyama Ngonyama
Blackness backbone back against a white wall
backing the colour in unicorns to stay rainbow in a world
that strives to put their lights out.

© Lungile Maquba



About the author 
I was born in 1989, October 20. It was early, I was born 4 months before I was due so I spent a lot of my infant life in an incubator. Apparently I was extremely tiny even after I got out of hospital. My family was told I wouldn’t have long to live because I was too fragile, I remember this because of the comments people would make when they saw me as a teenager. I am the eldest amd first born of 6 children mothered by Nana Maquba. It was a division of 3 boys, 3 girls but 1 of my brothers passed away in April.
My life growing up was alternating between home and hospitals to an extent where I called hospital my second home and started to like hospital more than home. There was no exchange of information in terms of what was wrong with me or if I would get better. There was a small panic after what seemed like the biggest operation that has ever been done,but I asked no questions. I just ruled it out as my last because I was done with going under the knife for no solution.  
My name is Lungile Peaceworth Maquba, I grew up in Clemont KK hostel with my grandmother. I attended pretty school and primary school in Reservoir hills Durwest primary school. I finished grade 7 in 2001 and enrolled at Durban girls secondary school for my high-school. I studied there between 2002 and 2006. I was an avarage student and loved sports. I played high jump and was in the main swimming team. Amongst other things, I realised I love doing sports that were not exposed to us at home like ice seating, I did some life guard training. I use to write and recite poetry at DUT when they had an open stage for students and non students. I participated in performing arts and modeling at an agency at the Bat center. I sang whenever I got a chance. 
After high school I did a short course in beauty therapy which I later didn’t enjoy. I then studied Industrial psychology at Unisa but I had to drop out after my first year due to my parents not affording to fund my schooling. 
I decided to work, my first job was as a bar tender, then I moved to Johannesburg, worked a market research company conducting surveys. I then got employed by multichoice as an inbound call center agent. This was between 2009 and 2011. In 2012 I worked as a financial advisor for Liberty, I worked for 2 years and wanted further experience in the finance industry so I could study something specific based on what I know so I applied at different banks and got an opportunity at Capitec working at their head office as client care. I gathered all the information I needed and applied to study wealth management at Milpark collage. 
With all the information I had gathered, I knew that I wanted to teach about finance because I noticed that there’s a big gap between having money and understanding it. 
On the other hand I love adventure and traveling. I have friends around me who are art themselves and I would always be mistaken for an artist because I’m rooted in such. Most people assumed I was a photographer to a point where I called myself 1 without ever touching a camera. 
After some thinking and planning my near future, I accepted that I wasn’t happy at my job, I paid all my debt and bought myself a camera, Nikon D3100.  I still remember my reaction to taking it out of the box, I felt the most overwhelming joy, I uttered the words ‘i could die now and feel like I’ve lived’ simply because I’ve felt happiness, passion and contentment all at once. 
I resigned and left Capitec on the 31st of April 2016, I’ve been learning and living as a freelance photographer since. 
I was approached by instaholla to fake over their page for a weekend and did a stop sign campaign with just a model and different stop signs, I later did a androgenous shoot for them as well. I then moved to Durban, I approached quite a number of people asking to add them to my none existing profile, in-between that, I got approached to take photos at traditional weddings with the assistance of my friend Hlobisile who taught me all I know to this point. I opened my own company “Unmadebrand”.  Initially it was a lifestyle brand but I gave it a name that can be versatile so for my photography part of things I use it as UB4TOS. It’s a working progress.  So far I’ve worked as a photographer at the Durban essence festival,big brother,behind the scenes for My Attractive life (Ontlametse Phalatse story), making moves as a DOP assistant. Those are just the few I can attach recognisable names to. At the moment I’m a personal photographer for actress Chiedza Mhende where I follow her events and BTS while being her generations character.  
My aspirations include being an artist in photography, being world renowned and recognised for my individuality and expression. I would love to express the culture of woman posed by society and hope to get to a core before patriarchy. I would love to express the lives of intersexual and infertile woman in a world that demands fertility. I love to capture dance and movement. 
I believe there is a staged life and a life that’s experienced by mirrors. I love to capture personal freedom. 
At this very moment, I’m a toddler finding her feet into this big world, I love the size because it can accommodate all of us.
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