The garden of marriage

by: Lerato Dumse

Arriving at In2 Africa- Function/Wedding and Conference Venue, we are received by a smiling worker who requests his co-worker to accompany us to the Chalet where the wedding group is staying. It is approximately two hours before Deborah “Dee” Dlamini is to say her vows sealing her union with Laetitia Jaftha on Saturday December 8 2018.

Dee IMG_9832 copy

The sun is out and it is scotching hot with a little breeze, favourable weather for the planned garden wedding. Final preparations are underway and Inkanyiso crew including Lebogang Mashifane, Lerato Dumse, Thembela Dick and Thobeka Bhengu arrive to capture those moments. Laetitia and her maid of honour and brides maids are doing their make-up, fixing hair and getting dressed.

We split the crew, some remain with the bride others document the wedding venue. After capturing the beautiful setup, which was waiting for the couple and their wedding time, we headed back to the Chalet to capture Dee, who is a Faces and Phases participant and her best man and bridesmaids getting ready.

Dee IMG_0018 copy

With all the nitty-gritty out of the way, rings given to the allocated people, Laetitia’s surprise bouquet in hand it was all systems go. Looking handsome in their navy-blue suits, Dee and his entourage emerged to the seated crowd and made their way to the Wedding Alter to wait for Laetitia.

Dee Faces IMG_0077 copy

The bridesmaids then followed opening the way for their friend. Dee’s eyes were fixed on Laetitia who looked stunningly beautiful in her figure hugging wedding gown. Pastor Moema was ready to officiate and read from the bible before giving the couple advice for their marriage. The couple shared wedding vows while smiling affectionately. Rings were exchanged; the pastor joined their hands before blessing their wedding bands and declaring them married ending by inviting them to “kiss the bride.”


With the first part concluded the wedding moved to another part of the garden for picture taking with family and friends who waited patiently for their turn to be snapped with the couple. It was then time for part two of the wedding and the crowd moved to the reception. Food, music, dancing and speeches dominated the second part. One of the speakers Christina Dlamini stood up with a dance to show her excitement that her child is getting married. She spoke about knowing, supporting and understanding Dee from a young age and struggling as a parent when Dee was at school and being discriminated.

Dee IMG_0208 copyDee IMG_0258 copy

With all speeches done the couple had their first dance, Dee searched for a gutter hidden in Laetitia then threw it to a group of excited bachelors. The cake was cut, toast made then it was time for closing. When we came out it was threatening heavy rain so we mingled a little, took final pictures and ran to our transport just as it started drizzling and made our way home. We were all tired but filled with hope for love after experiencing the beautiful people and wedding ceremony.

Dee IMG_0476

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