2019 Jan. 12: Land discussion

by Mercury Duma

December 2018 the last Saturday of the year saw an informative and intriguing land discussion by the participants of the Mobile School of Photography in Durban. Lindiwe Dhlamini facilitated the session and requested participants to first read an article in the newspaper in relation with different themes discussed in the group. Discussions included religion, racism, gender, sex work, colour and so forth. After reading an article, each participant had an opportunity to present in front of the group what their article is about and how it [article] relates to the land issue. Each presentation sparked a discussion with regards to the land issue.

During the discussion participants were very articulate and had strong views towards the discussion. The conversation was robust and Lindiwe had to jump in to restore calm in the discussion.

The discussion saw very important matters being addressed, participants would even use their personal experiences as a reference to put their point across supporting themes each article had.

The discussion forms part of the shoot participants will be doing connected to the land issue. The objective of the exercise was to make it effortless when participants capture images relating to land issues.


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