2019 March 21: Take me to Democracy

Take me to Democracy
Take me to freedom
Take me to a place of love with no pain.
Take me to democracy with no more tears.

25 years of Democracy
There’s tears on her face,
her face swollen taking punches from a frustrated man,
facing unemployment and poverty.
A man who fought a struggle to
democracy and got no victory.
He sinks his sorrows in a bottle of beer.
Black power came with greedy politicians,
the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

25 years of Democracy!
Do you remember Marikana?
Women and children in tears
another black man dies fighting for financial freedom.
Did that not take you back to slavery?
Do you Remember Khwezi?
I am still called Delusional for reporting sexual assaults,
my sexuality still gets me stoned to death.

Save my country!
It is called a rainbow nation
yet these different nations can’t stand each other.
My black skin deprives me positions.
My black skin is forced to informal settlements.
My black skin turns me into a slave.
My black skin makes me a suspect to crime.

25 years of Democracy
I still don’t know equality.
The rich oppress the poor.
The white oppress the black.
The men oppress the women.
The heterosexual oppress the homosexual.
Can someone take me to
Democracy  where humanity comes before
gender, race, sexuality  or social status.

Take me to
Democracy, where humans embrace each other.

©️Aluncedo Cetywayo

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