2019 March. 22: Plight and Reality

It is a Monday morning around 6am, my partner and I are taking our morning walk around Hillbrow and Braamfontein. I was very disturbed by seeing a lot of homeless people that filled the side ways of inner city like trash. This has been a disturbance to me in Durban as well. Where you have Mahatma Gandhi Road pavements turned into full bedrooms every evening.

The cement flooring is not ideal for anyone to sleep on, let alone without blankets and the open air breeze that is not bearable to one sleeping in a covered shelter, on the comfort of their own homes. This is very disturbing to see so many homeless people while approaching twenty-five years of freedom.

Political parties are consumed with canvasing for the elections and busy dissing each other. Priding themselves in outlining what the opposition have not done, highlighting empty promises of the other without having a solid plan themselves on how to fix and fill the gaps. The real people on the ground are suffering having come this far as a country, It is very disturbing to be having such a huge number of homelessness and the government that is not even touching on that direction when outlining the plans of the future and deliverables.

There is always a plan for building RDP houses and every political party pride themselves in achieving those deliverables and yet not even one has a plan on how to manage them and ensuring that the desired goals are achieved to max. To date the more RDP houses being built, the more shacks pop up, which almost defeats the purpose. Due to lack of proper vision, management and planning, but rather the focus is on how many houses are built by one party to the other.

What remedy is in place for the destitute who fill the pavements, sideways and bridges of South Africa as this is not just a problem for Johannesburg and Durban but greater South Africa. Are they less citizens of South Africa or simply left out because they are likely not to be in possession of an identity document? Therefore are of no use to political parties because they are not eligible to vote.




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