2019 May 27: Umbelebele Grade 12 tour to watch Banyana vs Jamaica

Report by Phindile Madlala

 It was a sunny Sunday in Durban. 38 Grade 12 Umbelebele Secondary School learners commuted by 2 taxis from Umlazi to Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. We found them all gathered under the tree. The excitement was written all over their faces.

The experience I am about to share is about my observation towards the learners other than the game. I was an overseer of their behaviour, challenges they might encounter as I am a mother figure to these learners because I also have a 19-year-old daughter.

As discussed on Friday, most of them were wearing jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. Tickets for everybody was arranged prior by the Inkanyiso Org. Crew. Khaya Cain and myself then issued all the learners their tickets then we made ourselves to the stadium gates. We all sat on Level D- second floor- this Level is directly in front of the main arena so we were all able to see the match clearly.

Hearing learners appreciating the experience made my heart skip a bit. Majority of the learners confessed that it was their very first time laying their foot at Moses Mabhida Stadium – mind you I am talking about people who were born and bred in Durban. I am talking about Moses Mabhida Stadium, which is +/- 25km away from Umlazi Township where these learners are residing.

Learners were assigned to do tasks, according to their career choices and interests. Some were assigned to shoot others to analyse and write about the match. As soon as we were all seated, each learner engaged in their duties. I was overwhelmed by their care-free attitude towards other spectators who were mocking and passing nasty remarks “oh okay so we’ve got people who are doing their thesis right here- hahaha – we are watching game here there’s no need for you guys to concentrate so much- you aren’t going be tested about this- hahahah” Learners just laughed back and continued with their business.

It couldn’t hold my laugh to the photographers who were hanging my 800D Canon Camera and shooting non-stop, you could tell that inside their heads they saw themselves as sports photographers.

There was this particular learner who was mentoring others – about ISO, Frame, Focus and Shoot whereas she wasn’t following through yena kuqala hahahaha. She kept on fidgeting with the knobs and will from time to time sneak and come whispering to me to sort it without other peers noticing because in her head she was the camera master amongst others.

As there was commotion after the game I announced that we will all meet under the tree where we were before the game. We all gathered there, took a group photo, organized refreshments and waited for learner’s transport back home. They all ate together, transport came after an hour and learners were safely transported back home. Khaya who was in his own back up vehicle escorted the taxis back to Umlazi. He phoned and reported that everyone was safe home. I couldn’t treasure the sense of harmony, sisterhood and brotherhood amongst learners and Inkanyiso Org. Crew to anyone….

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