2017 July 29: 7 years of writing Pieces of Expressions.

by Nonkululeko Dube


On the 27th of July 2019 at AGOG Gallery in Johannesburg, Lebo Diverse launched a book titled PIECES OF EXPRESSIONS in the name of art-create. The book was published under Seven27 project that is an artist hub that grooms and document a collective of artists. I am nervous for them wondering if people are going to come through for the book launch and at the very same time, I am superbly excited for Lebo. We have a new baby created in the family. Lebo Diverse says it has been 7 years of writing and Pieces of expressions comprises 27 poems from that 7 years of writing and 30 years of life experiences.

Seven27 project was celebrating its 3rd annual celebration, since it was founded on the 27th of July in 2017 and since then it has two sub-projects under it, Pieces of Expressions is the 3rd sub-project. The first project was theatrical performance in Kwa-Thema based on conflicts and conversations of 27- year olds. Then the second one is Exclusive Publication that has not been launched yet.


Musician Sliq Angel was one of the performing artists at the launch, before his performance he emphasised on black people supporting each other and expressed his gratitude towards Lebo Diverse publishing their book. Prof Zanele Muholi graced the book launch with their presence and they bought 25 books in the name of celebrating 25 years of democracy in South Africa. Then Lebo Diverse added 2 books in those bought by Prof Muholi to make them 27 in the name of seven27 project. Muholi also emphasised on supporting Artists and paying Artist fee. The crowd was enjoying the music and live performances of poets including Saint, Zodaic and musicians Sliq Angel, MJ and Naledi. Not forgetting the MC Pablo with his hilarious jokes.

“It is not everyday that people publishing books are people that we come into contact with, we have never thought it could be us. Now having authors Like Lebo says to me, it is possible black child,” says Wakhe Sebenza who was also attending the book launch. The highlight of the launch was the collaboration of poetry by Lebo and dance performance by Kwagala Stellah-Marie from Uganda, who took off her clothes and the crowd was blown away by the performance. You could hear the screams of excitement afterwards.


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