2013 Jan. 5: Photo Archive

2013 Jan. 5: Photo Archive

Msai Gugu Masinga & Kebarileng Sebetoane (2004)
Photo by Zanele Muholi

Part of our SA (queer) visual history.

In the photo is Msai Gugu Masinga & Kebarileng Sebetoane both activists who have contributed towards our LGBTI history. They both volunteer for FEW and now works for different companies.

The photo was taken on the streets of Kensington, Johannesburg.
Just outside 7 Panther street where the Forum of the
Empowerwent of Women (FEW) was founded in 2002.
The photo was later used as one of the organisation poster’s.
The logo on the left was designed by Payne Phalane (Fine Artist).

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