2013 Feb. 28: Simply it

by Mandisa Mchiza
(c) 2013I’m comfortable with who I am….
Yes I am
Irrespective of the constraints I’m given by society…
Yes there are
I’m not hurt nor will I say
I am…
Yes it is what it is
As I take these excruciating punches that doesn’t mean
I allow them…
Yes I’m obliged

Brothers and sisters is what we call ourselves but its never a vivid image….
Yes hence

“she’s lesbian and he’s gay”
A friends with AIDS is still my friend…
Yes but a lesbian neighbour is yet to be part of your life

I am my mother and father’s daughter…
Yes but i’ll never be their second chance

Not ashamed to be a rival….Yes its all in the name of what i believe in

“You are a sinner ”
and these are words that have become music to my ears…

Yes but believe me when i say i’ll never be a fan of the genre

Baby is what i’m called when i walk alone…
Yes but bloody stabane is
who I become when I’m with my baby

Diploma, degree, masters you mention them…
Yes those words do exist
in my vocab hence I too will wear that gown
Content is what they call it….
Yes its ABC
I am me and shall remain

me because
ME is I and as long as I live that’s all
I’ll be

About the author 

Mandisa is a writer, student photographer and currently volunteers for Inkanyiso as a documenter.

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1 Response to 2013 Feb. 28: Simply it

  1. Charmain Carrol says:

    Thank you for sharing…beautiful piece..

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