2013 May 21: Lesbians in the defence force

by Clear Peaceful Mind

Drop down and lick me 20…

🙂  One of my many fantasies regarding ladies in uniform:  A spotless white navy uniform, on a petite well manicured marines officer. Hair carefully tucked beneath the cap with tiny curls escaping, caught in a gentle breeze.

Slightly ruffled up camouflaged pants, short sleeved, well fitting slate grey T-Shirt, showing well built tanned biceps and triceps on a smooth well cared for dirt kissed feminine skin. Tiny beads of sweat swelling up with anticipation before trickling slowly down the sides of her face shying away from her lips, seeking refuge on her firm yet gentle chin.

Blue SAPS uniform, outlining a gentle yet firm body, pistol holster hugging firmly yet teasingly sensual around the thigh…

We all have our varying weaknesses when it comes to ladies in uniform. That particular weakness that keeps you wide awake at night with wild fantasies beyond imagination.

Mine comes with a phrase “I am gay, and I am here to protect you”.

I live in Germiston, one of the small cities surrounding Johannesburg. Crime is there, theft, drug dealings, rape, occasional house breaks etc. like everywhere else in this country and it is to a certain extent controlled like everywhere else. Every now and then I see the blue flashes of a Police Van, and I know that if the need arises, help may not be that far. Like any other person, I sometimes find myself bending a few traffic rules and becoming really irritated, not at myself though but at the Traffic Officers when those fines start coming in.

All in all, even though we hardly ever give it much thought, let alone show some gratitude, we’re safe because of our country’s armed forces, be it the police, traffic officers and the defense force in general…

However, have you ever given thought as to how its like being a lesbian and employed in these previously men infested departments, not that being gay would make much of a difference…

How it feels like to be Out Of The Closet And Thrown On To The Battlefield.

As much as we are all equal before our legislation and our basic conditions of employment tend to be the same, as soon as it is known that you belong to the gay community, attitudes change and you become a well labeled brand of human species. All of a sudden training, work schedules, assignments change. Chances of losing your credentials increase. All of a sudden your sexuality develops a direct impact on your abilities as a person and your work performance become directly linked to that as well.

Lima Echo Sierra Bravo India Alpha November Sierra – interesting code.
*Imagining how a GI would have said it alerting other male GI’s*

Drop down and lick give me 20. How many lesbians have suffered that derogatory attitude. Being pushed to work harder than anyone else because there is all of a sudden a need to separate “men” from women. How many of them as soon as it was discovered that they are gay were raped to cure them of the “disease”
[March 13, 2013 PBS News Hour. Women in combat zones are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by the enemy …]

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