2013 June 6: Reviving the spirit of Thokozani

If not documented, it means it never existed.”

As the world is ready for the 2013 World Outgames, Antwerp BELGIUM.
On the other hand France is busy with the French-South season which will see a lot of our artists showcase their talents with many audience.
More South African participation on season…

It is our pride to note that some black lesbians will represent our country once again and bring the trophy if not trophies back home after the games.
From our visual archive, Inkanyiso is sharing some of special moments in our history, when TFC played and shared our experiences with French people in Paris .
We will never forget.
We are grateful once again for the generosity and love they granted us.

Big up Foot For Love and all the donors who made it passable for us.

Merci beaucoup!!!

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