2013 July 19: When loving her is so wrong

I find myself wanting to hold her hand,
yearning to show the world that she is mine.
But they are watching,
I am afraid that they will hurt us for being in love.
I stop myself from running into her
and just showing her how much I really care.
But then I remember how my sisters were killed for loving,
killed for being…

I want to stand on roof tops
and shout she is mine,
shout I love her,
shout she is so beautiful,
shout she completes me,
shout that we were meant to be.
But I am afraid that if they know
they will kill us…

Why is loving her so wrong,
why can’t I show her off to the world as mine?
Why are my brothers so angry at something so beautiful,
something that was created by God.
Why are they disgusted by us loving,
disgusted by us being…
I, too am God’s creation,
I, too was created with love.

I have become an alien in my own planet,
treated like something that doesn’t deserve life.
All I did was to love her,
all I did was show affection to her,
what is it about me being that is so wrong?
We never meant no harm
all we did was to love each other…
and yet to you it has become this thing that is so wrong.
You hate us so much that you have blood in your hands,
You keep killing thinking that someday we will all disappear…

True love is what binds us,
the ones that you have killed live on in us,
the ones that have gone to be with the Father
are still a part of Us
through the memories that we have created.
There is nothing wrong with me loving her…
There is nothing wrong with me just being…

I pray that someday you’ll see me
for the human being that I am
and not for my sexuality.

by Zodwa Nkwinika
© 19/07/2013


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3 Responses to 2013 July 19: When loving her is so wrong

  1. Ramazan Ngobese says:

    Kodwa ZOdwa Zodwa Zodwa I wish bangayizwa nabanye ababulala abantu ngenxa yothando *Happiness is not an accident* hope one day bazobona ukuthi ukuthanda has nothing to do ne sexuality yomuntu POWEFUL ZODWA

  2. Babazile wa Marire says:

    We were not Created by God – But We Exist ast Part-of-Mother-Nature! Mother-Nature is th Creator of All THAT Exist, be it humans or beasts or beings or nature ITSelf! Religion is a Spiritual-Fraud of th Age – an ILLusion, to keep Us Entertained! Th only and only Thing THAT will safeguard our Survival, Joy & Happiness is Esoteric Spirituality of th Tribes … Luhv&Light, Always ,-Witchdoctorz of Light

  3. matshidiso cynthia says:

    i love the poem i jst read. i think homophobics have their hidden agenda fearumg to expose to the wrld so our bravery to come out threatens them. ppl like them need to be educated on love issues of same sex.I love my gal so much as if she was created special for me but haters instill fear of expressing my love for publicly. how long we going to hide in the closet for fear of vultures that fly about searching for their meal. Yes thy hate us bt cnt not get rid of what is natural cos they also carry that seed on their waist. are they going to destroy their blood cos of hatred. this society we live in need a wake up.

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