2013 Sept. 15: Lack of SA Queer History knowledge at the Miss & Mr Gay Daveyton


Back row in a green blazer, Lebogang Magaela from Twatwa was crowned Mr Gay Daveyton and runner-ups were Nontuthuzelo Mduba (1st prince) and Sphiwe Mbatha (2nd Prince).
Front row: Nhlanhla ‘Fiona’ Thabatha from Duduza was crowned Miss Gay Daveyton, and Thabo Mathengwa (1st princess) and Kiddo Zitha (2nd princess).
Photo by Collen Mfazwe

by Lesego Tlhwale

The Rhoo Hlatswayo Arts Centre in Daveyton was a buzz on Saturday, 14th September 2013, as the LGBTI community came in numbers to watch gays and lesbians competing for the title of Mr & Miss Gay Daveyton.

Glitz and glamour were the order of the night as the LGBTI youth of Daveyton flocked the community centre to cheer for their favorite contestants. The prestigious event was organized by Uthingo which is headed by Lesiba Mothibe, who is the mastermind behind the pageant and a reigning queen. Lesiba was crowned Miss Gay Valentine (2003), which was the first pageant of its sort to be hosted in Daveyton.

Xoli Lewinski the MC at the event kept the crowd entertained with her wit and impeccable sense of humor.  The pageant fanatic also enjoyed performances by local dance groups and the fabulous Miss Ellah from Simply Blue left the crowd in awe with her melodic voice.

The pageant went on and contestants showed off in their creative wear, swimsuits and evening wear. However, the seemingly successful event took a turn when the contestants took part in a general knowledge session, where they were asked LGBTI related questions.

If the pageant was a national or international event, the South African LGBTI community would have been left red-faced with embarrassment by the level of knowledge the youth of South Africa has about LGBTI history.

Most of the contestants could not answer simple direct questions about issues that affect them on a daily basis. “Thank you for the question, but I don’t know the answer”, was one of the many startling answers from the contestants.

The lack of knowledge regarding ‘queer literacy’ within the LGBTI youth of South Africa is an issue not to be ignored.

If our local pageant winners are going to represent their communities in national Mr & Miss Gay pageants, they need to up their game and inform themselves with adequate knowledge.  Beauty alone will not pull them through to victory.

Nonetheless, Nhlanhla ‘Fiona’ Thabatha from Duduza was crowned Miss Gay Daveyton, and Thabo Mathengwa became (1st princess) and Kiddo Zitha (2nd princess).

Lebogang Magaela from Twatwa was crowned Mr Gay Daveyton and her runner-ups were Nontuthuzelo Mduba (1st prince) and Sphiwe Mbatha (2nd Prince).

The overall contestants...

The overall contestants…


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8 Responses to 2013 Sept. 15: Lack of SA Queer History knowledge at the Miss & Mr Gay Daveyton

  1. Kopano says:

    This is really sad, maybe these pageants could pave the way to encourage queer people to see the need to be more knowledgeable about our queer history.

    I personally am really saddened that people can not even answer accurately what a transgendered person is, it is rather humiliating because how do we in turn explain to ‘heterosexual’ people when we can not even explain what the other terms in the acronym LGBTI mean.

    Talk about internalised ignorance …It’s not even about knowledge it’s just pure ignorance.

  2. Somizy Sincwala says:

    I get your point but you must try to understand that Queer history is so big in such a way that some of the things were just new 2 some of us like the question of the lesbian woman who was murdered in Mpumalanga…its not all about ignorance as you just mentioned,we are willing to knw more about Gay life history and so forth and again don’t tell me you know every single details about gay history cause that very same blame you just appointed 2 some of us it can also happen 2 you as well like 4 instead if you whr asked say mayb ” when was Miss gay Limpompo nd who took the tittle”?say u entered mayb some Queer competion I’m sure you would give out the same response 2 give the adjudicators as much as we did during @Miss Gay Daveyton… so all in all I think the judges need 2 find a right strategy of setting out questions cause seriously some of the questions I didn’t see any necessity 4 them 2 be asked#THANK YOU

  3. Nontobeko Mndebeke says:

    Beautiful your photos are on point nice keep up the good work wow

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