2013 Sept. 14: Photos from the 2013 Miss Gay & Mr Lesbian Daveyton

2013 Sept. 14:  Photos from the 2013 Miss Gay & Mr Lesbian Daveyton

Ladies, you have to do your homework before these contests.
– Nokhwezi Hoboyi (14th Sept. 2013)
Talking to the contestants during the Q&A at the Miss & Mr Gay and Lesbian DAVEYTON.

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Photo album by Collen Mfazwe (2013)



group-8021 copy
group_8634 - Copy
group_8725 copy



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6 Responses to 2013 Sept. 14: Photos from the 2013 Miss Gay & Mr Lesbian Daveyton

  1. Leptie Haute Couture says:

    #smh when you wear a suite it HAS to be slim fit or tailor made… Some look Dopey and 2 are DAPPER

    Vuvu could have changed the buttons of that DBL blazer to gold ones or go extra mine and grace us with orange ones,I swear it was gonna be NICER

    The lesbian at the last picture almost had it lol _ I love the blazer though….


  2. Leptie Haute Couture says:

    Extra mile*

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