2013 Sept. 30: Intimate kisses at Soweto Pride 2013

2013 Sept. 30:    Intimate kisses  at Soweto Pride 2013

Baby dyke_7405

Maureen & Musa_7364

Beautiful ppl_7381


Amanda & Ayanda_7137

Baitiri & LesEgo_7409

Kopano & Handsomes_7358

Fifi & Friend_7280

Keba & Nosi_7164

lovers palesa & palesa_7471

Katlego May Phooke Candice_7220



Beauties & handsome_7418

marco & friend_7155

Gertrude & friend_7455

koyo & friends_7184

Cindy Daughter Charmain_7361

Busi Ayanda Bathini_7428

Bathandwa & friend_7389

Asanda Zim & friends_7458

Busi & Nqobile_7463

Boni & friends_7417

Funo Akhona Lesiba_7152

Margo & Luc_7431

Manika & V_7126

Lynne & Xana_7099

nini khambule_7372

ntokozo & friend_7395

Phumla Masango & Partner_7429

LesEgo Virginia and Friends_7262

Thabisa & Lethang_7119
Thami & friend_7161
Sandra & partner_7440

tumi & friend_7398

Vanya & Kemelo_7169

Zi Koketso & friend_7189

Vintage friends1_7177

photo friends_7467

Location:  Credo Mutwa Park, Soweto. Johannesburg, South Africa.

Photos by Zandile Makhubu & Zanele Muholi
© 2013/09/28


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2013 Sept. 29: Soweto Pride 2013

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40 Responses to 2013 Sept. 30: Intimate kisses at Soweto Pride 2013

  1. Junie says:

    Ahh these pics are bloody awesome! Love how everyone looks so happy and content 🙂 Gotta give it up to these spaces where we trully get to be ourselves.

  2. Kopano says:

    Pride was beautiful.

    Mahle ama Lesbians…

  3. jatonna says:

    Loved all the pic
    wish everyone would be all happy here in cali at pride
    hope yall enjoy yall day

  4. Charmain Carrol says:

    Christmas comes once a year and Soweto Pride was IT…..

    Had a fantastic time

  5. d. says:

    This is my favorite blog.

  6. Thembi says:

    Now this pictures are dope☺☺

    Keep up the good work y’all.. Mncwaaaah

  7. Vania says:

    Ubuhle kuphela:)

  8. Laurie says:

    Stunning, Zanele!

  9. Kayla says:

    These pics are beautiful. Everyone just looked the part. Love it!

  10. Palesa says:

    Wow! Nice pics. If only Swaziland was this open too. 😥

  11. clear peaceful mind says:

    Beautiful people 🙂

  12. Nomthandazo Mankazana says:

    You guys truly know how to capture the beauty of pride…these women are hot hot hot

  13. latonya says:

    I love all your pics my hubby n i been together 5yrs n im happy wish i was there so that we could take nice pics also..

  14. lizziwe says:

    wow wow intle indalo yama lesbian mmmmmmmm#

  15. Sandy says:

    Its can b open lik,e this @palesa if u stand together n fight for freedom n break th silence.

  16. pulane cuteangel hailela says:

    The pictures are beautiful as alwasy. Thank u

  17. mvelo says:

    I love all these pics, had fun @Soweto Pride Zanele you the best!!!!!
    And thanks to all the crew yase FEW

  18. Buli says:

    Hayi ubuhle obungaka zange ndabubina! Girls were hottt, thank u Inkanyiso for always capturing our beautiful moments
    Much love

  19. gorgeous pics… simply precious

  20. Sweetnes says:

    Aawwwww… Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

  21. Jessica says:

    Who is that gal on the last pic on the left???

  22. Kwazzy Ndlovu says:

    Woooooow i really missed out on the Pride

  23. shade says:

    Wow lovely and interesting pictures u ve got here.

  24. Sejaja says:

    But we were literally dragged to take a pic… yet it’s not on the article 😦

    Anyway awesome pics! Soweto Pride was just epic!!!!!

  25. vuvu says:

    Lyk de pics soweto pride was happenin. Had a great tym. Oooh de march damm de songs people must stop hate crime realy n jst fell in luv wit homosexualy are here 2 stay

  26. Thembelani says:

    amazing,, nd how did i miss the pride??

  27. Sharon -theshazza says:

    Thanks guys, heartwarming and goosebump inducing pics

  28. S'celo says:

    Beautiful pieces of art

  29. Mzz Woode says:

    all i see is intense fashion and love!

  30. rotenotes says:

    Reblogged this on rotenotes.

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  37. Refiloe says:

    I sooo miss that day yoh shame ai!!*smiling wit tears*nd al these picz ar so hot and wow!!luv them.

  38. Lodi says:

    These pictures make me so happy, that this kind of freedom can exist at home, and with the political climate being what it is at home – these pictures are an affirmation of hope. All is not lost.

  39. King Mota says:

    It’s really lovely to see errbody so free and happy, it felt like heaven.

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