2013 Nov. 7: Meet the Mabe’s, the loving couple

by Zandile Makhubu

They are no strangers to the media world. Kally and Sam Mabe are a legally married lesbian couple, who shot to fame when they got married and publicised their union on various magazines including DRUM and Real magazines as well as newspapers that graced their wedding ceremony to the world. The couple spoke to Charmain Carrol, the host of the CC Show which is a Production of Inkanyiso Media.
They discussed preparations and the road to their future together, which will be aired soon on Inkanyiso TV.

Sam & Kally. Photos by Xana Nyilenda (25.10.2013)

Sam & Kally.
Photos by Xana Nyilenda (25.10.2013)

Passionate about each other and family, they speak of their 6 year old son Kabo, who is their joy and happiness. Sam quickly adds, “No one can dispute that he is my son even though I am not his biological mother.”
Earlier this year, the Mabe family were marred by controversy regarding their son facing discrimination because he had said that he had two mothers at school.
“Our son had told us that at school they were talking about parents at home and he stood up and told the teacher he had two mothers and a father” Sam says.
The headmaster gave them an ultimatum to either break up or have the child dismissed from school because they had not disclosed their sexuality to the school.
They were faced with discrimination but most importantly, their son potentially being dismissed from school.
After numerous meetings with the school, Kabo was allowed to stay in the school, with no further incidents since.

Being in the spotlight has not changed them. Kally a successful IT Specialist and Sam a Mechanical Engineer says they are enjoying life together as any normal married couple would.
And they laugh off the suggestion that they are a picture perfect couple. “There is nothing perfect about us, we are also human and make mistakes,” Kally explains.

Their relationship hasn’t been all roses and violets. “I sat my family down and told them that I want to get married to the woman I love,” says Kally explaining that it wasn’t easy at all for her family.
“They met up with Sam, and blatantly told her to break up with me and to never see me again.” Although they faced difficulties before getting married, they never gave up on each other, and the challenges they faced brought them even closer together.
Their families have accepted their marriage, Kally proceeds to say, “All I wanted to do was the right thing and make an honest woman of my wife.”

p.84 Drum magazine of 7th June 2012 featured the best wedding of Kally & Sam. Original source: DRUM

p.84 Drum magazine of 7th June 2012 featured the best wedding of Kally & Sam.
Original source: DRUM

Seeing them together makes it clear how strong their love is and that nothing can stand in their way. Further proof is that even when their wedding bands were stolen, rather than re-purchasing and having to go through the process of the bands being blessed by their priest again, they opted to have their ring fingers tattooed, with the symbol of Infinity literally inked forever on their fingers.
Participating in a photo shoot for a portfolio of themselves orchestrated by Inkanyiso Productions, the couple spoke of how they wanted to do this a long time ago but couldn’t find the people and the right atmosphere to do it.

Despite the hurdles that the young couple had to overcome, it wasn’t long after we began photographing them, that we saw a different side of them, the witty sarcasm,fun loving and content side that we grew to envy. They shared their lives with us and their plans, Sam supported by her partner, is an aspiring singer under the alias “SAVALI” who already has records and has showcased some of them at the third annual LGBTI awards held at the State Theatre in Pretoria on the 26th of October 2013 as well as the third Pink Girl Fest in Magaliesberg on the 21 September 2013.

The Mabe’s have their lives to look forward to and the family they plan to build with their son, and hopefully expand the pack in the future.

Mabe s best_8484

Young beautiful, intelligent, stylish and focused couple, Sam & Kally,  after the CC show…
Photos by Xana Nyilenda (25.10.2013)



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  1. ntokozo says:

    well written article. i love the use of words. nicely done.

  2. this is very inspiring for most of us. it goes to show that everything is possible when you just believe in the love you have for the person you love. very nice, inspiring and well written article.

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