2013 Dec. 19: “The Life of a Lesbian”

Who said being lesbian is not normal?
Who said homosexuality is a disease?
Who said I am a mistake?
Why can’t people accept my ‘lifestyle’
My sexual preference doesn’t change the fact that I’m human.

Who gave people the right to abuse us, or rather murder us?
Why can’t we be accepted?
God said we are all HIS children, yet we are treated like sinners…

I always wonder where did we go wrong…
I always wonder when will it all end…
I always wonder when will our fights be recognised.

Nembeza ushonephi???
Murdering us won’t make us vanish,we are what we are…

We are proud lesbians…

© Refiloe Sunshine (Lindi) Mathe

About the author

Refiloe is a 20 year old Femme lesbian from Duduza.
She loves writing and helping people whenever possible, especially her family and the gay community.  Also the society at large…

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5 Responses to 2013 Dec. 19: “The Life of a Lesbian”

  1. lgbti.sbclub@gmail.com says:

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. Ramazan Ngobese says:

    Nice one Reffy ngisho bangasibulala basazalwa abanye angeke basiqede buphi nje ngampela ubuntu sifela iLutho ne Ayikho we are human nathi bo

  3. paulakey245562841 says:

    Refiloe Sunshine (Lindi) Mathe- Merry Christmas from New Zealand although I am a lesbian writer in Canada. I am escaping the snow with my married partner, Trish. My site is dedicated to supporting lesbians all over the world so that it can become their second home.

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  5. masego says:

    Wonderful,i love it….I support lesbians all the way

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