2014 Jan. 6: Confusion


Why am I like this?
I feel abnormal
I feel like I’m different from others
Every girl date guys, but I do not feel anything for them
I am the only one having these feelings
When I see my girl I get butterflies in my stomach
Is it love or lust?
What is it that‘s going on with me
When I date the same sex,
people laugh at me
They say I need strong prayers
Who do I blame for being like this?
Even when I try to adjust it is impossible
Who do I really blame for being like this?
Is it me?
Is it my parents?
Is it God?
Either way why do I feel proud about being who I am?
Is it not normal?
Who am I?
Not my parents, not the community can change that…
I am who I am!!!

Refiloe Sunshine (Lindi) Mathe
© 06/01/2013

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