2014 Jan. 5: High Fashion at Muntuza’s funeral in KwaThema


InFact it’s the Freedom & Fashion. Nathi Dlamini from Kingsway, Johannesburg
Photo by Zanele Muholi (2013/01/04)

by Yaya Mavundla

Over the years people’s lifestyle and believes have changed completely.

The Western culture has taken over with so many fashion boutiques we have been introduced to.  Freedom of expression through clothing and so many accessible designers has always been another way of looking good, no matter what the occasion is.

What I witnessed at Muntu Masombuka’s funeral in KwaThema, Springs over the weekend reminded me of Vuyo Mbuli’s funeral.
I could tell that each and everyone had their own agenda, and it was “show stopper.” I swear people were worried sick of what to wear than what to contribute at the funeral.

Ayanda from Tsakane, fashionista dressed up for the occassion...

Ayanda from Tsakane, fashionista dressed up for the occassion…
Photo by Lindeka Qampi

The use of colors was shocking. Usually majority would opt for black apparel than color blocking. At this function, it was totally different.

Even the ones who wore Black outfits had put a massive effort to look amazing.

Gavin Rajah would have picked up a lot of inspiration for his designs.

All that gaze...

All that gaze…

Gazing beauty ready to roar in leopard print... Photo by Lindeka Qampi

Gazing beauty ready to roar in leopard print…
Photo by Lindeka Qampi

I even overheard a few people who were “fashion police” criticizing others who were not in what they thought was appropriate and fashionable for them.

The one that caught my attention was Nathi Dlamini aka Sasha Fierce.
There was a lot of Gold chains, colorful high heels and a handbag that could fit a pair of flat shots just incase she struggles with the heels a make up kit that could fit the whole Gay community.

I will not lie and say I didn’t love it. Considering that I personally struggled the night before on what to wear. Even the morning after I had to ask my friend at home to give me ‘green light’ on what was suitable for the funeral. Finally I succeeded by pulling my turquoise sequined shot skirt with a cream white blouse.
For some reason one would swear that funeral attendees were going to a wedding than a funeral. The Queer community support was amazing!
It saddens to think that the late Muntu was lonely during his last days.
All fags came out to shine in support of their late ambassador in style.
I do pray and hope that wherever he is, that peaceful place is colorful as the rainbow flags distributed at his funeral.

Sweeto Mahlatse from Vosloorus after the burial

Sweeto Mahlatse from Vosloorus after the burial

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4 Responses to 2014 Jan. 5: High Fashion at Muntuza’s funeral in KwaThema

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  4. Kay says:

    De young man i worked with him for a long tym, even b4 he met my brother mandela. Im sadenned dat i ddnt go to his funeral, bt im happy dat all de TADA guys were able to honour him. Duduzekani

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