2014 Feb.11: What to get your partner this Valentine’s Day

by Yaya Mavundla

Valentine’s Day is the one day that most couples get to splurge on their loved ones and make them the centre of their universe.  There is no denying the fact that most people take offence if their partners do not get them a gift.

I find that Roses and Chocolates are the most popular items to get for women and perfume for men.

We are few days away from cupids day and ideas are already swirling in your head  are you going to  cook for your partner, rub his/her back in a hot bubble bath while feeding each other strawberries and chocolate or are you just going to hang out and gaze into each other’s eyes?  I have a few suggestions that may help with your decision to make this the best Valentine’s Day ever!

My suggestions may surprise you, but they work all the time!


Book a self-catering accommodation; it doesn’t have to be somewhere far, just somewhere away from home. Thankfully this year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday so you can afford to sleep in and worry about waking up in a rush in the morning.  Spend time with your partner and get to know them better.  Recap on all the good things you have done together. If you have children, make sure someone is watching them and have enough of everything they might need to avoid unnecessary phone calls and being disturbed.


You don’t have to be a great cook or cook up a storm, stick to what you know and what you know they will enjoy.  Remember parenting your partner with food is a tangible sign that you care. Hence people get annoyed when you don’t eat when they cooked. A bottle of wine or champagne and roses around the table will be cherry on top.


This will be a very nice book for anyone as it recaps on life challenges and teaches one to be responsible and more. If you are not a fan of biographies, any other book will do. Just put some thought into it and this will be something your partner will remember and it will bring good memories, each time they read it.  Also remember to personalise the book by writing a sweet something and signing it.


Don’t come with a gift already wrapped up and so on… It’s expected. Take your partner with to the mall and buy him/her that one item they would like in a shop while browsing through. Make them fit it on if it clothes and tell them how sexy they look in it. If it’s any other object, show the support and that you understand why it would be useful to have it. Make it be part of your life.


This might come across as old fashioned but it is one the most heartfelt gestures you could give to your partner. Imagine the sentiment of knowing that the one you love took time out to put on paper what they think of you.  Don’t you feel special that the focus is on you and your partner? Well I would. People get flattered by getting simple things from people they love. You can always throw the love letter inside the shopping bag of what you just bought them while doing shopping.


We all love the idea of being special and knowing we are important. All the things that you should have told your partner but never got a chance to say, say them.  Apologize for the mistakes you have done and move on.  Remind them why you asked them out in the first place and tell them which outfit you like the most and looks great on them, make them blush. Keep it cute and keep the romance alive.

Happy Valentine’s!

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